Inherently fatalistic and foolishly sanguine.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, Modern SOPs co-existing with shortcut s, No Plan B or Plan C, A casual fix - it approach to serious problem solving, Juxtaposing suffering to braggadocio, Assertions to dramatic complacency, Lot of unanswerable questions, Jiggas hasn't worked,now gasping for breath, Flippant refrain has boomeranged, Trust deficit at Himalayan... Continue Reading →

Caprice and Surprise

One flows widely in the reverie & enjoys the moment/things much without the consideration of its impact on other/surrounding. The events/things which one can expect never surprise one ,only the unexpected ,unusual occurrence surprise one. Some humans appears to be prone to surprises as if they expect everything and nothing is unusual for them , but the... Continue Reading →

Seamless Connection s.

All being on planet, Being an independent unit, Connections not banned with other units, Yet as if some leaders required to remove distractions, And form clan,unit, group, society to organise them, And to give it a identity, Or some chemistry needed to sow the seeds, Yet it had remained volatile and fragile, Creating a subset... Continue Reading →

Equality perspective.

Equality perspective. In present era ,there is great awakening about human rights and equal opportunities for all ,many countries have enacted laws and their judiciary are empowered to ensure that right to equality is enforced/implemented in proper spirit. Yet things are not so easy and fraught with inherent bias and in name of ensuring equality... Continue Reading →

Individual inning.

A new inning, fresh for new opening, taking guard, exploring the field, judging gaps, envisaging scope, to play innings, with excitement and charm, spectators watching or not, surrounding immaterial, not to be approved by others, let be approved by self, playing till retired, neither get/felt hurt, inning end as fresh, new inning to unfold, in... Continue Reading →

Comfort Zone.

Expanding the zone, zoom in on the realities, focus on purpose of life, cherishing every moment, that speeds up, embracing happening, melting and wading into uncharted territory, putting into someone else shoe, striving to extend zone of comfort ,and to find treasure, one side of same coin, the worst behind us, jostling secure and we'll... Continue Reading →

Embrace the unknown.

Unknown is inevitable, time ticking, growing older,may not wiser, Memories crafted in long journey, drowned in debris of wayward attitudes, Hardship said to taught lot, launching pad for next learning experience, The present is what matters most, right here right now, Amazing experience s or tortuous one, preparing for worst yet having faith in best,... Continue Reading →

Holding You Back.

Something is lacking somewhere, holding you back, from get flowing, have a objective look, what is hampering that flow, to which one is entitled, Not directing ones time to its direction, getting affixed your passion/capability, to a growth trajectory, The sore points lies within, not breaking the ice, and emotions raising head frequently, to derail... Continue Reading →

A plow horse.

Alone not like the others, he was not for playing, he was for plowing, a epiphany ,a picture flashed, in his psyche, and again the picture blurred, like a reflection in the pond, standing alone, by the fence in the field, that he wasn't born A plow horse.  It got transcended to retrograded to tagged... Continue Reading →

Meager resources.

Resources are scarce, yet sources mushrooming, sources appeasing/luring, with all means, Enticing, creating newer niche, Sources winged on, AI AND  ML, all sources artificial,virtual, webcast,podcast etc,etc. no bulwark of resources, resources are meager, just locked in few chest, bills of central bank, shortfall pervasive, amazing/perplexed, sources there, yet cant be resourced , to vast populace,... Continue Reading →

Disparate Effulgence.

The disparate desperation of spirits, wandering in labyrinth of black hole, to that other end of, effulgence of harvest moon, the far cries of disparate destitute s, preying to suck that all gleaming, that creation ,experiencing wonders, the change may appear slow,but penetrate swiftly, the track has changed, the directions changed, putting first things first,... Continue Reading →


A situation in which opposing forces within a system exerts their activeness with visible or else motivation to impact the system. In organisational context having contradictory opinion /aspects is normally healthy until they metamorphose into contradictory tendencies leading to creation of separate poles. Many view that opposing forces within a system pull at each other... Continue Reading →


As if,it was doomed to implode, even traces lying in, all the beginning brightness, he ,who seen the obscurity, lying/hovering in that brightness, brightness emitting passions, yet passions lacking conformity, on uneven footing, neither surrounding/owned consensus, glances were blank, yet enough to beguile, it wasn't enough to wither, concerns were concerning, in that accompanying horizon,... Continue Reading →

The yearning for comfort.

The yearning for comfort, that all embracing comfort, which grasps completely- devoid of any discomfort. That comfort may dwell, when one in- perfect harmony with surrounding. Where all inner aspiration- lies in tranquility. All abstraction take/shape reality, outside /inside in harmony. The grouses are far off- lurking beyond zone of comfort. And reality is really... Continue Reading →

No such issue.

What is right  What is wrong no such issue only instinct that counts In the animal world   no grievances rooted deeply anywhere just responding to moments merely existing Stupor No rules,neither legality defined no guilt no guilty exists just random living with no memory to store/analyse And no concern for Meaningless Meanings.    ... Continue Reading →

That foggy light house of fate.

Said to be capable of self learning through experiences etc Yet small shreds of emotions flying free pleading for capture Hardly be doused by a theory to which prefer to stick despite knowing other theories once bitten getting out balance once bitten gaining arrogance striving to turn unpleasant to pleasant Becoming companion of self that... Continue Reading →

Precursor to higher understanding.

In this form understanding In that form understanding understanding to evolve with changing structures with changing times Inherent constraint to understanding understanding in this form Is merely a precursor to catapult into another domain where all surprises melts TO Eventual Understanding.    

Full of constraints.

This life is full of constraint It need to interact It needs many inputs natural inputs,social inputs retrieve-store and expend energy That with a perfect balance unlike steam engine where coal burned to boil water And steam generated to move piston and machine attached ROARS ,CHUG The being consume energy to chug to move to... Continue Reading →

Existence is maintenance.

That what gains existence conscious or semi unconscious wears and tears out with culminating into system becoming redundant Till system alive needs maintenance to be vibrant,flowing maintain self well so journey goes well whatever status of path potholes/obstacles.        

Votive candles flickering in various alcoves.

Time is stick to its base,its habituality  to habit ,sticking burning the base ,yet invisible and not pronounced. One endeavouring/ relishing great hurry in pushing ahead of phases/phrases being lost in maze of strident certainty of nothingness,only recourse to some fulfilment remains in/lie in decisively moving ahead to any noticeable extent ,leaving behind a trail... Continue Reading →

Constant Discomfort.

To do agile,become agile Utopia has lost meaning leaving no problem to solve therefore no opportunities either as if utopia never works human stretching boundaries vertically and horizontally universal virtual presence widening small container/trough that holds identity Magnifying with enhanced internal impulses astride on external /electric impulses They say neither utopia nor dystonia works And... Continue Reading →

Tongue on fire.

The impulse were buried deep unknown abstractedly in labyrinthine corridors of profound thoughts sallow surface filled with clods Attempt to plow/harrow only added to debris/malise Despite gradual depredation of time some amber smoldering tempering weeds And roots of all roots yet hearts simmering And as if cant be doused or turn into ashes So order... Continue Reading →

The confusions.

One descended on scene with surrounding impassive beauties And trapped with creatures of voracious aptitude Till infancy values assigned by gullible understanding of longings/belongings with time stretching body catapulting from that microcosm of oneness To varying perceptions those toys losing relevance with indulgence with bigger ones demands goes on inflating confusion galore stalking creatures /sorcerer... Continue Reading →

This was to happen.

This was to happen It was the hell that was to be trudged before being out of it out of it Sufficient As if only hell is real with no antonyms And it is quite achievement to be out of it with no more wandering entanglements of ups and down.  

All days going to pass.

All days are going to pass Fraught with weighted stiffness or easy smooth sailing All the days are going to pass Days goes on passing and are passed without any concern of origin or end devoid of any destination From the eternal universe a drama been devolved on this tiny planet of no much consequences... Continue Reading →

Navel Gazing.

When the adjustment with surrounding vitiates and incursion to outer fields catches more burnt then one focuses to ones navel to immerse in its gazing.Being indulgent in petty incidents and remaining drowned in them agog with self contemplation etc at expense of wider reality. Immerse in contemplation about happening around self and  ones proclivities causes... Continue Reading →

Micro Management.

A responsible person find solace in successfully tackling his responsibilities ,much that contains and directly/indirectly impacts his own well-being ,and in pursuit of following that aim with that vision one lose the sense and sensibilities of relationship. Too much observing and examining ones thought/vision/goals and fixing same on all contingent causes and also in ones... Continue Reading →

Self Realization.

A word used  most enigmatically  in motivation/spirituality  ,with regard to explaining and satisfying purpose in this mundane life. Attaining  ones potential after stretching it wide along with inherent possibilities ,the capability is stabilized to derive the variance and putting efforts to reach near that  mean to avail maximum comfort of satisfied self so that it... Continue Reading →

How to understand reality.

Really what is underlying themes and dimensions are not that easy to decipher and it may never hardly be understood to be acted upon.All words and phrases are vibrant in surrounding,yet to realize  something deeply to shape them as ones guidelines happens not with ease. First of all we need to ponder what is reality-... Continue Reading →

The future of work.

With growing automation jobs are decreasing ,and apprehensions are running deep about running out of work,causing mass unemployment and its resultant consequences. Yet fact remains that productivity may rise significantly and their gains /redistribution of income in some form or other may follow to more than compensate many job losses.First upgrading ones skills may become... Continue Reading →

Discard the delusion.

Bondage is perpetuated by ones notion penetrated deep and forming an armor preventing other aspects to cast their rays to stir an honest pondering to realize multiplicity /complexity surrounding the simple explanations. To venture into battle field of life ,which is fought internal and external.One live in this world apart from living in his own... Continue Reading →

Finding remedy not obsessing fault.

Fault and default appears to be cornerstone of this existence,and it could hardly be thought of  civilization in which understanding is so perfect that faults are not needed to be conjured upon along with  a grievance mechanism that cures it to its roots. Remedies are not always perfect ,that can turn a situation that fulfills... Continue Reading →

They have no words.

Many times words are word literally If it was about mere consciousness it is in many species apart from human but they have no words to explain to self to explain to others to link to past to visualize in fantasy It cause the differentials which is not merely spontaneous but addictive to particular sort... Continue Reading →

The Disconnect.

As if connections are hardly seamless,they always fluctuate,connect-disconnect-Not properly connect.Different state of connected,trying to connect to again and again vividly by many means,drawing solace by hearing persistently that nothing is perfect and imperfection to an extent is acceptable/genuine ,but what point and purpose in those extant of disconnect drawing in extreme other direction of connected.... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point.

The dithering prevailing for long whirlpool of emotions swinging in either way ambiance of stagnation engulfed That in individuals life remain no common interest it only exhibits in movies viewers swaying with protagonist meandering through the maze with complexities of emotion base/roots hardly visible That all has now gained moment of critical mass threshold of... Continue Reading →

Repeated Adventures.

One cant tackle oneself pits are the same falling again and again unfailingly lesson learnt,lesson washed resources are limited yet excursions repeated on dead ends what sort of weird needs lying dormant,raising head propel again and again compel again and again overpower all resolve/commitment to dissolve into repeated adventure of destruction.    

The Swirling Aria.

The tedious path/journey is to be traversed/trudged along with its usual ups and lows ,a aria of ones individual theme again appears and subdues with its own rhythm to pull back or put steam into ones being. The opera of life unfolds and continue with its own sense of direction ,as if it is both... Continue Reading →

Inspiration without collaboration.

To execute inspiration into some visible output that pours relief and keeps one in good stead while traversing the journey of being and being relevant to self/surrounding. Inspiration struck to all but with time blockages could emerge,it requires proper pampering and upkeep of things that invigorate one ,never allowing to die that unique being that... Continue Reading →

Always within Reach-Never within Grasp.

As if always finding/requiring  some intercessor for pleading on behalf of one to grasp something that is well within reach yet lacking that zeal to grasp it finally to get declare  triumphant. Having all knowledge and skills,yet implementing them to achieve that fruit of satisfaction  ,as if not in many people destiny,like being desperate to... Continue Reading →

People to take one more seriously.

The impact people generate is different,and consequent image is formed ,such prevalent notions about individual tend to perpetuate that one is defined and treated in particular way. Ones stature,texture,nature,physical format etc is believed to impact the way a particular person is viewed,but it is not that simple,if we consider it in organization domain,where one has to... Continue Reading →

Never be slave of circumstances.

    Definitely much tend to weigh near idealism,that appears certainly difficult ,may be even to masses but masses can also perceive that real solution may certainly nearer to it ,may be beyond ones reach.  Circumstances are creation of circumstances that could be the precise explanation,yet one may physically circumscribed to situations/circumstances but yet metaphorically... Continue Reading →

Problem solving may be dissolving of problem.

In abstract sense what is problem,what is cause of problem and what is solution of problem is all subjective and relative. Per se  absolute identification and solution of problem is feasible only in case of fault in machines and such mechanized systems ,rest the things/situation appear different when seen from different perspective and as the vision rotates/matures... Continue Reading →

The power and/or money.

There had been different assumption and saying that which things matters more in life and what is the thing after which acquisition much is deemed to be acquired and that state of perennial equanimity is achieved by one so that ones life becomes evergreen without colored spectacles. Basically it appears that a feeling of being... Continue Reading →

Gaining relevance to self.

Day by day to become, More obsolete, Day by day to become, More relevant, Losing relevance to others, Gaining relevance to self, A routine is not routine, One day to shift grossly, A permanent swing, Toward that permanence, Such vast experiences, Hardly granted experiences, One day all will happen, One day all will be final, But till... Continue Reading →

Fearless. to Fear.

The fear lies in the limitations all pervasive,a structure of body enables human ,which has its own sets of limitations. Further the space under which body to function has its limitations i.e time,climate and all sort of terrains. Most importantly that is created by human is that in individual pursuits of security ,develops such customs... Continue Reading →

Myself to establish me.

Myself to establish me, In the surrounding, Of the various extended circle and public, To gain the solace of , my existence, my relevance, And to establish myself, That in the darkest hours, Of the extreme annoyance, Of the extreme purposelessness, Some purpose may emerge from back ground, To try to persuade that, Am in the... Continue Reading →

What was lacking.

Something was lacking, what was lacking, a touch that wasn't there, a touch that was elusive, imagined, remained more confined to, coming things, opportunities restricted by, internal make-up, external prevailing surrounding, restricted restriction of, body and self, a chance as if lost, to take-up a cause, to take-up a path, a natural evolution, the inborn fragrance,... Continue Reading →

Worries need to be Forgotten

The fear of worries that humans perceive to be impacting them causes pain and if he remain isolated cell than the worries tend to enlarge and make one disturb /puzzle more and more ,that aspect raises the need to share his worries with others. Sharing worries with other, in itself can provide much relief and... Continue Reading →

Maturity to Mature

  As if the word maturity is misnomer. Many humans are quite understanding since early age , but there is huge mass of humanity which lives in the sanctioned behavior of closed mindset and where they are all empowered ,self preserved and their attitude/action lies beyond the realm of challenge by anyone. Despite all, as one... Continue Reading →

Relentless pursuit of ones ideals…

The pursuit  of ones dreams and ideal state is the very aim of ones life,the variation in caused by circumstances are the impact of some changing times.the setback are suffered by man but its not solely due to the lack of will or proper planning,its the game being played everywhere and the politics being played in every... Continue Reading →

Moral Authority.

there are innumerable type pf authorizes in the world,every body has some authority to exercise,at the same time ,the most powerful authority is also subjected to some higher or invisible authority. the human exercise their authority over self ,family,friend,co-worker etc,but sometimes the most power ful\authority  feels insecure and resort to various means of arrogance to evade the haunting... Continue Reading →

Personality make over

One attribute one under performance and sadness to his personality,and many course on improving the personality are in vogue ,are attended ,these program try to understand polishing an individual presentation to the world,by enhancing grooming ,styling,etiquette,conversation skills ,socialization skills decision making skills,public speaking,body language,voice modulation etc. personality-the unique psychological qualities of an individual that influence a variety of... Continue Reading →

The Least Predictable Aspects

The nature of human and his responses to a particular situation is hardly predictable and hardly constant. Such subtle issues instantly changes the views or expressions of human which is beyond anybody's prediction or guess. The facts may be same or even better, yet the human reaction can turn worse to the utter surprise of other. There... Continue Reading →

Sensitivity versus insensitivity

There is a range so wide of humans that the two humans are at the opposite end of each other,one is so sensitive to all happening and is watchful always that ones action does not conveys the meaning which is not intended,and makes effort that others are not hurt and on the other hand their... Continue Reading →

Authority exercised, Authority gained.

All the human's have some sort of authority to be exercised regardless of the status,power,position of a person. The path of life of all the human's have their labyrinth and potholes deceptively present and it is the choice/circumstances of the individual to get into it. It largely depends upon the ability of one to use... Continue Reading →

Back pain [pain in mind/shaking personality]

The spirits have somehow become so that they hardly rises,and if rises sometime,its only for a shorter span of time.,the deep rooted pain in mind and the apathy of near and dear and the unconcerned society all add to the pain,which need reflection ,a permanent dwelling and a permanent residence in the back as if leading to never ending back... Continue Reading →


The one daily routinely, Walk down the lane of day, to restore the self, in the calm of darkness of night, wander in the jungle of memory, founds to the surprise, despite no imprints on body, something has hurt so deeply, that the sea which was calm, as if started ebb and flow, but sometime causes are... Continue Reading →

The state of depressive non performance

In some people quite often a tendency which has its root in the perpetual indecisiveness is developed at the early age and later on too late the tendency remains to pass time anyhow,just to prepare for office in morning too cautiously and meekly than pass the time in office ,while watching the clock,observing/disposing some work... Continue Reading →

What beyond the fear/rejection.

Indeed to be accepted and valued by others is usually a driving force that impacts much of human actions,a child in his childhood is made conscious of the need to be liked by others and many times the childrens carries forth this need for approval in adulthood,becomes more pronounced among those lacking self esteem sometimes, Some... Continue Reading →

Blowing small concerns out of proportion

The concerns whatever it may be ,they are usually insignificant,its our conscious self which blows the issues out of proportion. The concern or no concern ,it usually becomes ones tendency to remain obsessed with some concern for the sake of concerns ,an aura of uncertainty challenges,opportunities,plots etc are hyped to remain perplexed to create anxiety/fear,all such things... Continue Reading →

Failure may not be failure except…

The failure may not be failure except when one do the same mistake again and again expecting different results. it is a common tendency that knowingly or unknowingly human tends to repeat the same mistake again and again expecting desired or different results. the individuals are solely to blame ,as some notions are prevalent in society duly sanctioned... Continue Reading →

Success is about healthy HABITS

The habits shape the destiny of individual ,its an established fact ,now the most relevant question arises -as to how the habits are formed and who is at default or to be blamed for the formation of habits and how the healthy habits could be inculcated. prima facia it appears that generally much habits are a... Continue Reading →

Thought process

All at some moment ponder-how the thoughts are generated and despite all wishful desire and effort one is tempted to flow in its flow.there is much talk about meditation which appears to be presented as a tool of controlling thoughts and to restore better balance of one with self. it appears that thoughts of one... Continue Reading →

My will

The  will of individual ,the constant flow of command in life,not disturbed by sporadic events ,and exhibited in all circumstances so as to say the base minimum that is required /carried in all phases. My will born with the birth of a man and as he grows and feels/faces the time ,the scars shape the... Continue Reading →

Anger-the dimensions

The anger management therapy needs to be applied when it reaches to manic level,but sometime it appears that signs are alarming ,at the height of lunacy and ranting when one openly spew abuses ,make bizarre claims and vent anger and frustration at random,it led to ponder whether if the connection between unbridled money ,fame and... Continue Reading →

Regrets of life

The major junctures of life ,which has caused many changes could hardly be forgotten and the regrets nourished deep usually relates to such turning points  Its often pity that the finer points of some events/associations understood too late,when much is already closed,it pinches to remember the futility/ignorance of pursuing something for so long ,which now... Continue Reading →

Physical disability.

The disabilities appears to be so widely spread across spectrum that there appears to be a tough competition to gain the status of being disabled  by others [nearby  ones or far off ones] and it is further worth noting that large part of population has adopted various forms of disability in name of various customs,prevalent... Continue Reading →

The management of self.

The  task of managing something is a call which all has to face in it an organisation or any other institution and even our own family and self needs a uphill management task. to manage oneself appear curios, It is generally believed that an individual is managed by parents in early life and than... Continue Reading →

New year resolution.

One make resolution at the beginning of each year,at the same time review the performance of the year passed and the follow up of the resolution made at the beginning  of last year. The resolution made by individual are varied-ranging from one extreme to other,which may be a very wide choice,some hard choices are thought to be... Continue Reading →

The patience.

To understand that things /issues fully and not to get swayed in a momentary emotion /provocations to inflict self damage ,one need patience to patiently tolerate incitement of any form and understand all aspects neither block emergence of multiple aspects. Not to lose temper and remain quiet,steady with perseverance ,neglecting irritations and having ability to wait/endure... Continue Reading →

The achievements.

When at a stage human being, tend to make the analysis of achievements made in life,then a pause appears to have come in his usual march. one realize the necessity to analyse the achievements itself indicate that one at a stage feel to evaluate the earlier achievement in the shape that whether they were any achievements or not.what for... Continue Reading →

Tthe software for self.

A software engineer develops various software on which various program's    are run,further he install the software which  as a input appears  , grasp it and analyze it and do the needful. Reaction to stimuli ,and how perceptions are formed by one ,is a complicated software,in which codes and their impacts complex. How one to run his... Continue Reading →

Optimism and pessimism.

The positive virtue to be optimistic has significant value ,yet things in world are subjective,ones optimism is sources of others pessimism,and clouds changes color too frequently,suddenly rays of optimism becomes too pervasive and suddenly much is darkened. Leave world ,even an individual in itself is so complex that too convince and adhere is hardly feasible... Continue Reading →

The willpower

The human needs challenges in life certainly beyond those to fulfill the primary needs to develops and grow and to attain the sustainability in all circumstances . The human was left alone to fend for oneself amid all strange creators and plants and nothing about their values ,the humans-will power has started exploring the values since arrival on... Continue Reading →

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