Broadening horizon.

Barrage of information, key for informed decision, emerging from various media, reliable/unreliable source, dreaming to fill in shoes, right skill to marry with passion, broadening horizon, equip with time proven efficient tools, communicate often more and more, affected by range of influences, trust,openness and transparency.      


A situation in which opposing forces within a system exerts their activeness with visible or else motivation to impact the system. In organisational context having contradictory opinion /aspects is normally healthy until they metamorphose into contradictory tendencies leading to creation of separate poles. Many view that opposing forces within a system pull at each other... Continue Reading →

The future of work.

With growing automation jobs are decreasing ,and apprehensions are running deep about running out of work,causing mass unemployment and its resultant consequences. Yet fact remains that productivity may rise significantly and their gains /redistribution of income in some form or other may follow to more than compensate many job losses.First upgrading ones skills may become... Continue Reading →

Animal spirit be returned to Animals.

A very catchy phrase often used to justify cures and justifying means for crude /raw action to stimulate artificially. Further it also denotes that in living beings ,there is broadly two categories of spirits i.e ANIMAL spirit and HUMAN spirit. It may be that animal spirit more categorized as being associated with primitive natural spirit... Continue Reading →

A country is beyond economy.

There are host of explanation,logics and rationals are propagated to make point,that a country is not merely a economic entity and much beyond significant to it. It all changes across countries,continent and their vision of founding and furthering leaders. Some developing countries notably south asian countries etc has made rapid strides in economic development and... Continue Reading →

STIMULUS is stimulating WHAT- [Part-2]

It has been basic presumption that merely printing money cant generate value,hence it should lead to inflation .But positive side factored on premise that more spending,more consumption may also stimulate demand and production and economic activities may enhance. In reality that seems to hardly happening ,the old recurring theme prevails that has witness that all effort to stimulate... Continue Reading →

STIMULUS is stimulating WHAT? [Part-1]

  Artificial support is usually provided to terminal patient to gain some traction so that after it, normal course of treatment is applied to be able to achieve best possible curation available to one.Naturally one cant sustain for long on artificial support ,otherwise virtually it may lose existence. The global economy is on steroids for... Continue Reading →

Manipulate to wealth.

The individual wealth creation pursuit is inherent in its basic nature in organised living,to fulfill ones dreams and attain security and comfort could be few drivers,yet the wealth creation and accumulation tasks for individuals are not linear in orientation. As means to generate and accumulate wealth has no rationals,a individual yet being best performer in... Continue Reading →

How element of goodwill impacts Gross Domestic Product.

The intangibles add to   gross domestic product in significant way,primarily physical output of manufacturing and agriculture used to be mainstay of G.D.P in earlier era,but now it consist of very small part and services etc had became major part. But same services provide at different part of globe has different value and its consequential... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic product /wealth.[Part-5]

With enhancement in productivity and resultant monetary gains and more professionized approach to work and life leads to enhancement of avenue/inclination to entertainment ,life style and education industry. Education becomes wide and accessible to all with multiple faculties /subjects/specializations available to all ,the cost soars up ,so is financing,basically apart from requirement of skilled teachers... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic product/wealth]Part-6]

Ultimately it emerged that to  measure economic activity of a particular geographic zone-production of all sectors be added ,later on parameters /yardsticks were refined to evolve newer /better concepts of measurement  i.e income approach -in it income of all segments of economy of a year is added to derive annual outputs,further another approach insisted that... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic product[Part-4]

Today reality and investments have also become substantial part of  gross economic activity /product ,perhaps latest invention and newer chapter in developed economies hunger  to derive growth. It add value to underlying wealth ,the land and its astronomical cost ,as it more situated nearer to heart to business center ,plus its unlimited recreational value ,construction material/services  e.g cement,iron,ceramic,electrical,internal and... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic products/wealth.[Part-3]

The first major big change in economic activities occurred with advent of industrial era,the industrial revolution invented various products and facilitated their mass production and innovation/invention become new order of day, it enabled research into identifying basic ingredients in underlying farm produce etc and started identifying chemicals,D.N.A and compositions ,thereby paving way to artificial/synthetic chemicals ,the needs got... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic product/wealth.[Part-2]

With evolution of primitive economies ,with more agriculture with use of cattle and muck resulted in creation of some wealth in few pockets ,the necessity of more social and economic cohesion was felt thereby concept of central command emerged,as some one was required to control/protect/resolve the disputes /provide stability in wake of various uncertainties and security from... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic product/wealth.[Part-1]

The annual measurement of worth economic activity happened/occurred in a particular unit of geography could be termed as G.D.P.  Basically to define what is ECONOMIC ACTIVITY is a difficult task and it may relates to all tangible/intangible activities relating to meeting the requirements /necessities of human being and all other activities enhancing their experience as... Continue Reading →

The rising inequality with rising rate of return on capital

The scarce capital, prerogative of some to possess, flourished even in the earlier agrarian economies by the high rate of return on the capital and slow or nearly stagnant growth rates of economy.  The scarce capital in possession of some who are deriving the higher rate of return by lending it ,thereby multiplying it very... Continue Reading →

Generalized Method Of Moment

the market movement is not predictable accurately on any standard model,it is always unpredictable,the reaction may sometimes be too much and sustain for longer period's and at the other end the market may ignore all negative for far more longer time ,then one assume. the moments could be fairly large enough to allow one to remain solvent,the... Continue Reading →

The inflation deprive some stable income expectation

the inflationary expectation appears to be rising in most part of the world. in the developing countries with the indication of Fed gradually reducing the quantitative easing,the apprehension of reducing the flow of funds is causing grave concerns particularly in the nations more dependent on foreign money and in the countries where the trade deficit   is high in comparison to their... Continue Reading →

Gross striking power/gross controlling product

The economy may grow at different rates in different part of globe ,and it has been observed by some that that as the innovation which has occurred in last 250 years may slow down in future,the major invention like -electricity,engine,net,telephone etc,which has changed the humanity much -such sort of invention are not visible in store... Continue Reading →

The fair price

The economic value,the real value and day to day value all differs ,in the modern times more mechanism is developed for determining prices , various exchanges are developed for dealing in the stocks, commodities,agro commodities etc,further a mechanism of speculation is imposed to improve liquidity and to provide exit options and to ensure the return via derivative trading. the material... Continue Reading →

Rational behavior of market

The sentiments prevails/surfaces and all participants in market tend to make hey in sun shine ,And much about rationality  is forgotten ,even institutional players  knowingly or unknowingly driven by vested interests of more commission or compulsion to show better results or confidence that they may exit before bubble appears and burst encourages more and more irrationality. The currencies of economies suppose to... Continue Reading →


There is mad rush in to expand  economies,to show their rates growing fast enough,even when the population is declining and the level of individual consumption is saturated . When population is declining and consumption level are at peaks than how the gross domestic product could grow,there could be possible scenario- 1.Either the few pocket of population that is relatively worse  than the... Continue Reading →

Growth for growth sake.

It is essential parameter of judging and rating a economy that it is growing consistently year after year at healthy rate of growth. Growth creates wealth, employment opportunities,increases living standards,yet to introduce measures beyond rationality and long term consequences just to spur growth may not help much.  The impact on environment cant be compromised beyond point for... Continue Reading →

Euro zone dilemma.

 A sort pf plateau has been reached in some parts ,where further directions are not clear,some other part had just started evolving ,or just stuck ,where they had remind so far in history,no future got significance to them ,as history has enough . Populations decreasing,more immigrant with diverse issues/values/ethics has surfaced,sacrifices are hard to made .  Some constituent countries are... Continue Reading →

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