Material Bond.

Material bonds being untied as gravitate toward last halt before final destination Not concerned about settling matters of this world, Which are mix of fit of fiction, illusions, Alongwith conceived/perceived debts as if one had no stake , Soulless body can be cremated in whichever way, Some angels will surely wing to my side ,... Continue Reading →

Inherently fatalistic and foolishly sanguine.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it, Modern SOPs co-existing with shortcut s, No Plan B or Plan C, A casual fix - it approach to serious problem solving, Juxtaposing suffering to braggadocio, Assertions to dramatic complacency, Lot of unanswerable questions, Jiggas hasn't worked,now gasping for breath, Flippant refrain has boomeranged, Trust deficit at Himalayan... Continue Reading →

The End Of Innocence.

Innocence is a virtue of distinct quality,inherent and mingled with ones self imbued with theme of static time,neither past ,nor future . It allows things to prevail as they are prevailing and allows things to be dominated by the one who are or had been dominating scene.Consequences are not in picture and stillness is ideally... Continue Reading →

Reluctant Fighter.

Opened eyes and found in strange surrounding, Can't understand why am here, What's the purpose, Who invoked me in this cauldron of grabbing, Just complied to instincts and started responding rhythms , Can't understand marathon fights on all corners,when ultimately fight is to be lost, Incentive s and motivation theories were enforced by rote, Individual... Continue Reading →

Sophisticated Animals.

They have no qualm of being animal, Neither are shy of being called same, For them nothing insignificant echo for centuries, For then nothing significant fall silent in short span, Nor to blame for anxieties, Nor to blame for follies, Not to bother for outdated administrative systems, Not to nourish knowledge elite, No fact lies... Continue Reading →

If you fall short , you fail.

Shoot for the moon, Atleast land above from where started, No moon was dreamt or visible, These streets knows me, I had walked them whole life, But now turned stranger, They don't recognise me, Those aisle surrounded by rows of tree's, Lively calm moving traffic, And that gentle surrounding and being, That had a touch... Continue Reading →

A story of tiny orphan girl HOSPICE.

Raje was watching the splendid cool morning from  broken window ,felt that all solace lies in these moments ,cool breeze coming in,the stink at its minimum ,the draconian chaplain at their best posture roaming ,before on their job of taking charge of deity/day after the usual ritual.Children /older relaxing ,the new habitat of short span intently and expectantly gazing at... Continue Reading →

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