It isn't burnout, it isn't depression, Just joyless and aimless, Languishing, Stagnation and emptiness Piercing through foggy windshield, From low to flourishing, Pondering peak of well being, To be out from valley of despondency,drained, worthless, ill-being , Getting a sense of meaninglessness, Void between low and flourishing and just languishing, Functioning at low capacity ,no... Continue Reading →

Reciprocal Responses.

Responses may be reciprocal or may not be so, A childish jubilance propel one to share hearing or reading interesting things, But it looks awkward to child to find their responses muted or lukewarm, As if for them matter matters or not,that is not easily divulged, Child fantasized things fast and gets upset on slight... Continue Reading →

Material Bond.

Material bonds being untied as gravitate toward last halt before final destination Not concerned about settling matters of this world, Which are mix of fit of fiction, illusions, Alongwith conceived/perceived debts as if one had no stake , Soulless body can be cremated in whichever way, Some angels will surely wing to my side ,... Continue Reading →

The End Of Innocence.

Innocence is a virtue of distinct quality,inherent and mingled with ones self imbued with theme of static time,neither past ,nor future . It allows things to prevail as they are prevailing and allows things to be dominated by the one who are or had been dominating scene.Consequences are not in picture and stillness is ideally... Continue Reading →

Good and Bad Sensations.

What lies around is temporary, It will pass,it had passed, And therefore joy/suffering ephemeral, Yet it appears strange, Why can't it be visualised, When joy and pain to one ,felt and apprised by others, And one's self reaction marred by that all pervasive feeling of gloom, So profound is the achievement of nothingness, uselessness That... Continue Reading →

If you fall short , you fail.

Shoot for the moon, Atleast land above from where started, No moon was dreamt or visible, These streets knows me, I had walked them whole life, But now turned stranger, They don't recognise me, Those aisle surrounded by rows of tree's, Lively calm moving traffic, And that gentle surrounding and being, That had a touch... Continue Reading →

Caprice and Surprise

One flows widely in the reverie & enjoys the moment/things much without the consideration of its impact on other/surrounding. The events/things which one can expect never surprise one ,only the unexpected ,unusual occurrence surprise one. Some humans appears to be prone to surprises as if they expect everything and nothing is unusual for them , but the... Continue Reading →

Without any existence.

Challenges are mounting, Weather getting rougher, Rust spreading fast and deep, Gloom descending from all corners, Surface getting shrouded by layer of dust, Surrounded by waste and awful forces of despair, All hopes buried down, Yet I am here and there,. Without any existence, Without any agenda, With tottering by rising ages, Limbs and sight... Continue Reading →

To all intents and purposes.

Invisible to the world, As if don't exist, As if have expired, Turned into ghost, Standing behind these shutters,. That mutes entering light, And turns me into shadow, Shutters made me claustrophobic, A barrier between outside world and me, But I may grow accustomed to them, I had learn to be adaptable, In the end,... Continue Reading →

A Definable Shape.

Being outside in freshness, Rocked the dull weight in heart', Now as if started taking, A Definable Shape, Something pressed from inside, Causing disorientation, Unexpected break in gauzy spell, May it create a mark in, Overwhelming sense of brokenness, No end in sight, As if everyone has given up, A sparkle here and there, Add... Continue Reading →

Profound Pain.

Lived with profound pain, Throughout his brief life, Never complained of it, Always conserving energy, Struggling to respond, Struggling to initiate, Struggling to defend,. Struggling to remain afloat, Avoiding and reducing, The speed of collapse, To have the solace of, Being yet in game, Albeit losing one, Occassionally dreaming, To play like normal being, Swallow... Continue Reading →

Let it happen,What they like.

Let it happen, What they like, No tension,no problem,. Worst is enthrusted upon, Since the beginning of journey, Let it add, What it could, Let them enjoy, Replete with all pleasure, Till it can last, May be till eternity, Surrendered to will of them All those lives beyond cloud, Or beyond the, Imagination of conscious... Continue Reading →


Dressing the window,albeit peripheral, rust that all was heaped, with layers and layers of dust, as was destined ,with no activity of surface, The surface cant stood against flowing air, sieve malevolence ,And lied dormant, it was lying long, now polishing appearance with mellow demeanour, with perfect composure, leaving no inkling of suspicion, neither of... Continue Reading →

Naivety Of Era.

It struck with ferocity, with all its ferocity, and , one by one, all assumptions proved futile, And at last, the whole edifice , stood without any foundation, naivety of era, gradually replaced by whimsical arrogance, earlier infantile structures were replaced, infantilism was nurtured,in vogue for long, cant bear squarely facing challenges, pushing boundaries for... Continue Reading →

The bay of disturbed state of being.

Time constantly slipping/fliting, all twigs and leaves withered, trunk of tree yet ticking, still aspiring to gain again that heydays, The storm that formed in .. bay of disturbed state of being, this time,it was more severe, it shook the very existence, So many storms passed earlier, Yet The bay of disturbed state of being... Continue Reading →

Drifting Continuously.

Drifting continuously, recovering to touch low again, And with a big hurt, All gets derailed, And loose all command of consciousnesses, and start drifting unconsciously, where going becomes hell, Responding to stimuli gets blurred, All self worth erodes, And all pervasive gloom, with growling in pain, whirpool of guilt,shame, Actions fell into abyss, Reactions cannot... Continue Reading →

Slipping into fantasy.

One of the big distraction many faces is lacking in ability to remain somewhat static to events and obscured thought pattern which has high disposition to slip into fantasy again and again.AS if totally lacking power to concentrate and draw any meaningful conclusion As such people lack ability to display any self image and they... Continue Reading →

Individual inning.

A new inning, fresh for new opening, taking guard, exploring the field, judging gaps, envisaging scope, to play innings, with excitement and charm, spectators watching or not, surrounding immaterial, not to be approved by others, let be approved by self, playing till retired, neither get/felt hurt, inning end as fresh, new inning to unfold, in... Continue Reading →

Enemy number 2.

The primary source of discontent are usually ignored and not much is dwelled upon them and force of attention is shifted to easy targets ,which are easily best alternatives to sway attention of masses and get them perfectly engaged.   The hunger for revenge rises,bad circumstances which one could not cherish at all but have... Continue Reading →

Comfort Zone.

Expanding the zone, zoom in on the realities, focus on purpose of life, cherishing every moment, that speeds up, embracing happening, melting and wading into uncharted territory, putting into someone else shoe, striving to extend zone of comfort ,and to find treasure, one side of same coin, the worst behind us, jostling secure and we'll... Continue Reading →

Embrace the unknown.

Unknown is inevitable, time ticking, growing older,may not wiser, Memories crafted in long journey, drowned in debris of wayward attitudes, Hardship said to taught lot, launching pad for next learning experience, The present is what matters most, right here right now, Amazing experience s or tortuous one, preparing for worst yet having faith in best,... Continue Reading →

Just Being Ourselves.

Matters mounting and multiplying, inadvertently searching newer dimensions, of implications/complications, as if concussion occurred, inundated by creepy vortex, striving for solace, having the effect alike, that someone is disarming, charming and outgoing, creating sense of calm, a charm,a will that melts whirlpool of uneasiness, providing a sense of relief, just being ourselves, neither appeasing,mollifying ,placating,... Continue Reading →

Swinging Wayward.

Stimuli flying here and there, That provokes senses, They cries for reactions, Yet reactions hardly lies in raising temper/shouting, Stimuli filled with combustible ingredients, It explodes with rising tempers, Shattering it's very base, A horse of long race, Controls actions/reactions, Avoids bruishe s /wound from traps, Traps that may be or may not be, Yet... Continue Reading →

Offhand Angel.

Cool in demeanor, indifferent,casual yet bit offensive, nonchalant halo pervading, yet resembles lacking grace, but yet cool in manner, then how it hurts, feels offensive/ungracious, The intent appears vague, The intent appears hollow, casual,frustrating,eerie, sounds frosty coolness, not colored in vivid aroma, scantly revealing calmness, hardly reveling calmness, what to gather from such angel, whats... Continue Reading →


What has changed, nothing appeared to have changed, the world around is same, yet that affinity gone, as if a malaise penetrated deep inside, no cause apparent, roots untraceable, All near and dear perplexed, pouring more succor, yet that rapport, that harmony, within and outside elusive, a decisive turn, not of destiny, but of time... Continue Reading →

The mangled self.

The mangled self, yet something not allow it to recline, to get it stationed in comfortable posture, feeling relaxed, as if lying in stratosphere, a lower layer, a upper layer,to cuddle, according to floating sensations, The mangled self, yet strutting ahead, as if ,nothing happened, the hurt,the guilt buried in troposphere, with the support of... Continue Reading →


reached a plateau in life, where neither anything, downwards or upwards, no more exists, A listless state, and wonders at other ends, musing about/pursuing all those, earthy charms, which now no more occupy, occupations are gone, the thrill of turning events, burden of cleaning the desk, weak and faint, from both fatigue and its illness,... Continue Reading →

All the faculties lost.

All the faculties lost, in the maze of indifference, that s surrounding,it was different earlier, now the difference is apparent, that s listlessness,it no more belongs to me, once it used to reciprocate, and the callings resonated, as if flower,leaves,tree and ambiance all were in chorus, a rhythm full of love and jest, full of... Continue Reading →

Tickling Sensation.

A low level electric current, noticeable but not  aching, As if in the barren land, even oasis sink in the sand, of its own good ideas, But what, that not expected, considered buried/oblivious, raises its fury again, without waiting for final day, at its own discretion, to singe and pale, the edifice, in shambles,to its... Continue Reading →


A dull surface,lacking vibrancy, devoid of potency/vibrancy, mundane,dull,wearisome,tiresome, not knowing though, from far away,somehow, a deep twinge aroused, as if all that was buried, stored/diverted to trash, suddenly, stoked few amber, as if ash bubbled up, before cinders consigning to fate, yet twinge belatedly erupted, wasn't as intense, as may be in heydays of crater... Continue Reading →

Meager resources.

Resources are scarce, yet sources mushrooming, sources appeasing/luring, with all means, Enticing, creating newer niche, Sources winged on, AI AND  ML, all sources artificial,virtual, webcast,podcast etc,etc. no bulwark of resources, resources are meager, just locked in few chest, bills of central bank, shortfall pervasive, amazing/perplexed, sources there, yet cant be resourced , to vast populace,... Continue Reading →

Disparate Effulgence.

The disparate desperation of spirits, wandering in labyrinth of black hole, to that other end of, effulgence of harvest moon, the far cries of disparate destitute s, preying to suck that all gleaming, that creation ,experiencing wonders, the change may appear slow,but penetrate swiftly, the track has changed, the directions changed, putting first things first,... Continue Reading →

Sky is too small limit.

What a vast sky is ,with no defined contours and it is all around planet,star, living being etc.It is sort of unending dimension to existence without any limit to expansion and regular stretching ,no beginning on end,,no starting no end ,all tiny creatures in its ambit collide,burst,shine and run out of energy to get in... Continue Reading →

That foggy light house of fate.

Said to be capable of self learning through experiences etc Yet small shreds of emotions flying free pleading for capture Hardly be doused by a theory to which prefer to stick despite knowing other theories once bitten getting out balance once bitten gaining arrogance striving to turn unpleasant to pleasant Becoming companion of self that... Continue Reading →


All on here faces multiple pressure yet for some pressures hardly subside keeps on changing faces forming different coalitions hardly subdues And experimenting tormenting wars ,chasm on multiple front A low  pressure area invites floating monstrous distractions  race to exert pressure nucleus of beings as if never allowed to get in touch with any sort... Continue Reading →

Votive candles flickering in various alcoves.

Time is stick to its base,its habituality  to habit ,sticking burning the base ,yet invisible and not pronounced. One endeavouring/ relishing great hurry in pushing ahead of phases/phrases being lost in maze of strident certainty of nothingness,only recourse to some fulfilment remains in/lie in decisively moving ahead to any noticeable extent ,leaving behind a trail... Continue Reading →

This was to happen.

This was to happen It was the hell that was to be trudged before being out of it out of it Sufficient As if only hell is real with no antonyms And it is quite achievement to be out of it with no more wandering entanglements of ups and down.  

All days going to pass.

All days are going to pass Fraught with weighted stiffness or easy smooth sailing All the days are going to pass Days goes on passing and are passed without any concern of origin or end devoid of any destination From the eternal universe a drama been devolved on this tiny planet of no much consequences... Continue Reading →

Micro Management.

A responsible person find solace in successfully tackling his responsibilities ,much that contains and directly/indirectly impacts his own well-being ,and in pursuit of following that aim with that vision one lose the sense and sensibilities of relationship. Too much observing and examining ones thought/vision/goals and fixing same on all contingent causes and also in ones... Continue Reading →

Self Realization.

A word used  most enigmatically  in motivation/spirituality  ,with regard to explaining and satisfying purpose in this mundane life. Attaining  ones potential after stretching it wide along with inherent possibilities ,the capability is stabilized to derive the variance and putting efforts to reach near that  mean to avail maximum comfort of satisfied self so that it... Continue Reading →

How to understand reality.

Really what is underlying themes and dimensions are not that easy to decipher and it may never hardly be understood to be acted upon.All words and phrases are vibrant in surrounding,yet to realize  something deeply to shape them as ones guidelines happens not with ease. First of all we need to ponder what is reality-... Continue Reading →

The future of work.

With growing automation jobs are decreasing ,and apprehensions are running deep about running out of work,causing mass unemployment and its resultant consequences. Yet fact remains that productivity may rise significantly and their gains /redistribution of income in some form or other may follow to more than compensate many job losses.First upgrading ones skills may become... Continue Reading →

Discard the delusion.

Bondage is perpetuated by ones notion penetrated deep and forming an armor preventing other aspects to cast their rays to stir an honest pondering to realize multiplicity /complexity surrounding the simple explanations. To venture into battle field of life ,which is fought internal and external.One live in this world apart from living in his own... Continue Reading →

Finding remedy not obsessing fault.

Fault and default appears to be cornerstone of this existence,and it could hardly be thought of  civilization in which understanding is so perfect that faults are not needed to be conjured upon along with  a grievance mechanism that cures it to its roots. Remedies are not always perfect ,that can turn a situation that fulfills... Continue Reading →

They have no words.

Many times words are word literally If it was about mere consciousness it is in many species apart from human but they have no words to explain to self to explain to others to link to past to visualize in fantasy It cause the differentials which is not merely spontaneous but addictive to particular sort... Continue Reading →

The Disconnect.

As if connections are hardly seamless,they always fluctuate,connect-disconnect-Not properly connect.Different state of connected,trying to connect to again and again vividly by many means,drawing solace by hearing persistently that nothing is perfect and imperfection to an extent is acceptable/genuine ,but what point and purpose in those extant of disconnect drawing in extreme other direction of connected.... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point.

The dithering prevailing for long whirlpool of emotions swinging in either way ambiance of stagnation engulfed That in individuals life remain no common interest it only exhibits in movies viewers swaying with protagonist meandering through the maze with complexities of emotion base/roots hardly visible That all has now gained moment of critical mass threshold of... Continue Reading →


No light of own just reflect others light transmute scorching light/heat in luminous glow Yet there are dark holes they suck all light And reflect darkness only many down here as if survive by sucking on others happiness they have none a ghastly mad by observing strange those creatures relishing life with nothing to please... Continue Reading →

Repeated Adventures.

One cant tackle oneself pits are the same falling again and again unfailingly lesson learnt,lesson washed resources are limited yet excursions repeated on dead ends what sort of weird needs lying dormant,raising head propel again and again compel again and again overpower all resolve/commitment to dissolve into repeated adventure of destruction.    

The Swirling Aria.

The tedious path/journey is to be traversed/trudged along with its usual ups and lows ,a aria of ones individual theme again appears and subdues with its own rhythm to pull back or put steam into ones being. The opera of life unfolds and continue with its own sense of direction ,as if it is both... Continue Reading →

Dark alleys in Sleeping city.

The tiredness settled deep with ruthless pursuit of accomplishing the mission of passing each and every day with lacking all capacity to view the sunshine/moonlight unadulterated ,all vision got blurred with level of pollution  going so high that finding originality akin to finding Nirvana. The city pouring on road ,thronging makeshift structures providing eatables ,many... Continue Reading →

Inspiration without collaboration.

To execute inspiration into some visible output that pours relief and keeps one in good stead while traversing the journey of being and being relevant to self/surrounding. Inspiration struck to all but with time blockages could emerge,it requires proper pampering and upkeep of things that invigorate one ,never allowing to die that unique being that... Continue Reading →

Wistful Feelings.

The isolation has pervaded so long and deep that everything appears to be something else ,the connection with them lost. Earlier the feeling that was evoked while passing through those lanes now nowhere rekindles and it appears that either i do not know them or those silhouettes do not recognize me.We were strangers with strangeness... Continue Reading →

Always within Reach-Never within Grasp.

As if always finding/requiring  some intercessor for pleading on behalf of one to grasp something that is well within reach yet lacking that zeal to grasp it finally to get declare  triumphant. Having all knowledge and skills,yet implementing them to achieve that fruit of satisfaction  ,as if not in many people destiny,like being desperate to... Continue Reading →

More than Alone – Lonely.

Its a new phenomenon that human being despite among huge crowd feels lonely,what a anomaly,yet much relevant in present modern era. With more and more people globally living in cities ,around 60 to 70 percent world population may be urban and this urbanization is further catching up in developing countries.Agriculture which was largest employer earlier... Continue Reading →

The setting – up of Hard Reality.

To explain and understand process and its phases of settling hard reality is quite difficult and hard to realize. Human has inherent weakness/ and habitual to immerse in various irrelevant aspects of surrounding that is /may emerge. It becomes very hard and usually sort of impossibility for common man to visualize results from prevailing trends.... Continue Reading →

F O M O [Fear Of Missing Out]

In the age of continuous competition exacerbated by digital media ,many people are as if living under perennial feverish state of Missed Out or Gradually Missing Out ,despite all yet seems to lagging behind ,gulf/gap widening and no culvert seems visible to emancipate this murmuring dangling in senses/conscience. It is jealousy at one end and... Continue Reading →

Double…Multiple…Compartmentalized Life.

Human entangled in multiple crisis,intermingling causes improper handling and lead to deepening of crisis,regardless of fact that one plays multiple roles or limited roles,one need to have command over the moment ,but many times one is not able to perform what needs must to be done at particular point ,may be because one is trapped... Continue Reading →

Focused and unfocused.

A particular state is as if somewhat focused but as soon it is decided to do other necessary chores ,all become unfocused,as if focus is state of doing nothing concrete and just wandering in meditating self without any sort of incursions. But incursions in innumerable ventures is unavoidable real plight of human in the quest... Continue Reading →

NO OPEN SPACE LEFT. [English Poem]

All space occupied by, Illusion,Analysis,Phobia The simmering selves, permeating smoke from wildfire, Far cries of jackal, Notorious,treacherous silence in, Setting either way, Fire in parched forests, Or camouflaging stress of distress, THAT NO OPEN SPACE LEFT,  The reach of mighty Net, The developments have developed, The erstwhile Net of hunting, Now constricting whole being, Preying... Continue Reading →

Acute Addiction.

When rot becomes too pervasive and it cant be sifted/disposed-off in proper manner than accumulation of it result into creating defenses in form of addictions ,at one extent it may involve acute lethargy and disposition to self centered non-productive isolation and at other end it may form acute hysteria for some vividness for relief but... Continue Reading →

Normalization process.

The basic theme should be so nourished that periodical setbacks do not disrupt in so way that it is again back to nearly  beginning with a heavy conscious of neglect  ,failure and guilt of repeating phenomenon and hardly able to stabilize learning and prevent catastrophe . The two neighbours nourished perceived enmity  for long and... Continue Reading →

Outer and inner personality.

The man mainly responds to circumstances to preserve oneself,prevail oneself,the battle of each day is fought with determination for self preserving and avoiding disturbances ,so at night can sleep with natural instinct. The wake-up at morning is desired to be as usual as always ,a newer strange anxiety is not cherished, The average man reacts... Continue Reading →

The New Normal

We get in the morning to again immerse in the normalcy that is prevailing . Sometimes changes are accruing gradually and consistently and that is not visualized as changes in prevailing normal. In life -things all of a sudden or sometimes in due course alters substantially from prevailing normal and that has to be adjusted /accommodated to become comfortable in new normal.,such... Continue Reading →

To be chronically impulsive is a trait ..

There are many traits of one,which are nurtured over time,by guidance of the will or by the guidance of the event's faced  on the volatile internal turf. If one is swayed in again and again in small impulsive,a state of alarm appears there,being too sensitive is not a ideal stage,the small issues which are of no significance... Continue Reading →

Understanding Fear

The known/unknown fear has to be feared ,as in many cases it permeates deep into the unconscious world and it echos/resonate in such subtle way that cause one to be the victim of a feeling /emotion/unreality called fear. the individual feels self so limited and feels that one is in a trap and behind the... Continue Reading →

Ether and Intemperate

The string of life on earth lies in the hand of the elements permeated in the region above the cloud.Labels The region above the cloud appear so real ,so near,so clear but it extend upto the range of limited/unlimited sky ,to view it from distance reveals much and hide more. The elements of Ether may be... Continue Reading →

Disturbing Thoughts At Key Moments..

it is the sort of self destructive tendency to have the habit of spoiling the key moment by recalling the buried unpleasant thought,as if one does not want to experience even a few moments,which could be memorable and recalling the all pervasive doom of mood to prevail over one. one need to be adaptive to... Continue Reading →

Stationary Heavens.

the heavens are believed to be stationary/eternal,in there no other aspect can enter to change its lasting peace,tranquility ,joy of its resident,the resident has no worry and the joy ever lasting,with no change in backward direction. the life on the earth is quite the opposite,here one has to continue to perform to get the fruits,and... Continue Reading →

Filling The Void

The understanding, the similarities, the familiarity, the appeal, the void space, echoed and itched, it dreamed, it fantasized,  a Face of one, a feeling felt/shared, just between two, the coming appears, coming of spring, the long absence, passing through deserts, the saying matters, but not much, need was presence, else is apparent, the work lacks, to convey desires, the... Continue Reading →

intention pure yet the result impure

the intentions were pure, yet the result impure, the lessons were to be learnt, but nothing stored for long, it's just for some time, that some impact was there, again the cycle of viciousness, starts again and again, the intention has no meaning, the lessons has no meaning, until the ebb and flow, gets their natural... Continue Reading →

Sensitivity versus insensitivity

There is a range so wide of humans that the two humans are at the opposite end of each other,one is so sensitive to all happening and is watchful always that ones action does not conveys the meaning which is not intended,and makes effort that others are not hurt and on the other hand their... Continue Reading →

The boundaries of sanity.

When the mind swirls, it treads towards, the boundary of sanity, nothing is the cause, the reason innumerable, shrouded in mystery. The mind swirls, without any axis, it wobbles, making the whole body unstable, why at the one end, it wants to take the credit, and at the other end, it raises all the concerns,... Continue Reading →

exploration of personal boundaries

some boundaries are static well defined by maps,the exploration of personal boundaries is the task in the pursuit of expansion of self horizon,how far one can fly safely so that landing back may not be of trouble. the individuals are sometime in some sphere may be constrained by the education obtained,the earlier blocks could be softened by... Continue Reading →

The real and fantasied real life

What one is ,and what are ones liking,hobbies,concepts,ideals,the cherished real or imaginary memories,that are the valuable assets ,which cant be measured in any monetary terms and these invaluable assets need to be preserved by amid all sort of storms,and the treasure  trove be visited every day,so the alienation with it never occurs. in the world the interaction with other human... Continue Reading →


oh  all individual gods, i pray to you all , you know the way, you know the truth, which i am no near to it, you give solution, with guaranteed  return, i have to offer nothing, my self lies in shambles, need of your divine intervention, you know no cost, to you its holy sacrifice, i have... Continue Reading →

Bout of guilt/limping back to normalcy.

One need to take lessons from hard core ones,who despite of any insult ,wrong deeds,rejections,failure,being humiliated ,scolded and despite feeling of apathy toward him by large people is not perturbed altogether and remain firmly saddled in the normalacy,tranquility and peace of mind making others sorry about there so called real or imaginary opinions/views. The one... Continue Reading →

Observe sensitive.

The sensitiveness is directly linked to observation,it may conscious or unconscious observation by self or others. The behavior change the moment it sets in that i am observing my own cycle of thoughts going on,and the thought flow may become maligned by various biases and prejudices. One one in real or imaginary circumstances feels that one is... Continue Reading →

Periodic/recurring emotional collapse

In the present world majority of people hardly give weight age to face value straight forward,yet there are many ,who are sensible to all slight impulses,and their heart/mind is burdened by the self /others feeling /expression ,the impact over them of events in their life/surrounding goes deep. the practicality is not defined and understood much by them... Continue Reading →

No one normal [ever]made history

It is usually said that nobody normal ever made history,the logic of such idiom is not fully digestible ,because it appear that one who had made history has the better understanding of normal/general citizen attitude mentality along with the culture/tradition/limitation of society. It appears that one who made history was perfectly normal but endowed with intelligence to... Continue Reading →

The camouflage spreading.

the camouflage spreading all around owned by , as if  everyone created also in multiples causing,mixing no strategy remains to diffuse some  entangled so deep permeate  as if  in air  ambiance,heart,mind and body that,advances in direction  becomes uneven confused to move the need of bulwark the search on the concerns so heavy  no support seems... Continue Reading →


Addiction is sometimes considered a tool to help pursue the better aim unhindered,the mind be diverted away from all other apprehension and the target to be achieved/path to be followed be pursued and to be  in position to motivate self. The addictions of different age spans are different ,they tend to modify according to time/age... Continue Reading →

Anger-the dimensions

The anger management therapy needs to be applied when it reaches to manic level,but sometime it appears that signs are alarming ,at the height of lunacy and ranting when one openly spew abuses ,make bizarre claims and vent anger and frustration at random,it led to ponder whether if the connection between unbridled money ,fame and... Continue Reading →

Dynamic inconsistency/time inconsistency

A decision maker knows that changes are occurring at such fast that what is relevant today may not be relevant at another point of time ,further there are many behavioral aspects which impact the consistency of decision linked to dynamism and time,as investor is more eager to cut gains than losses ,the eagerness to consume... Continue Reading →

The state of no command

Everything has to be managed ,as to give it proper shape and direction and enhance and preserve its output with inputs,human has multiple means of giving establishing commands ,in subtle,indirect,suggestive way and sometime exercising brute other means.To establish authority and order .  In the earlier era ,there were less means of communications and means of... Continue Reading →


The fear is usually defined as a feeling arising out of a perceived threat,nut the reality is in most of the cases is different ,the threat/danger/insecurity is only perceived and it depends upon ones conditioning of mind that the perception is formed. The man has come alone on earth,and despite being a social element,the individuality... Continue Reading →

Attention deficit syndrome

A new disorder is being diagnosed now a day ,with the prevelance of virtual world ,which provide 24 hours touch with friends and unlimited materials ,now the plenty has resulted in attention being selective ,usually casual and short lasting some section of society has been too preoccupied with future and analysing the past to devise... Continue Reading →

Attention /somatic deficit disorder

Sometimes a single coinsurance of event or one bodily symptom disturb the routine life for long,,one is accustomed of a particular life and the slight jerk cause disruptions,therefore the attachments to gadgets is on increase ,whereas the actual involvement is lessened,the culture has helped and the vision of a culture/leader has ensured its prosperity,but the individuals suffering... Continue Reading →

Personality disorder.

The order and disorder are complicated thing to understand and it is perception and the social mold that determine its acceptability,now someone with finer urges is not willing to adhere the old and un understandable norms than titles are distributed freely. It appears  one has to distinguish between the disorder which is biological and which has led the... Continue Reading →

The management of self.

The  task of managing something is a call which all has to face in it an organisation or any other institution and even our own family and self needs a uphill management task. to manage oneself appear curios, It is generally believed that an individual is managed by parents in early life and than... Continue Reading →

The tiredness.

Chronic fatigue is hardly due to work,we hardly work as hard as our ancestors did,but rather due to scattering of our forces,as ours is not a focused age,countless influences pull us in conflicting directions,we may find ourselves trying to do a hundred things hasty rather than one thing at a time carefully and /the system generally measures... Continue Reading →

The achievements.

When at a stage human being, tend to make the analysis of achievements made in life,then a pause appears to have come in his usual march. one realize the necessity to analyse the achievements itself indicate that one at a stage feel to evaluate the earlier achievement in the shape that whether they were any achievements or not.what for... Continue Reading →

Tthe software for self.

A software engineer develops various software on which various program's    are run,further he install the software which  as a input appears  , grasp it and analyze it and do the needful. Reaction to stimuli ,and how perceptions are formed by one ,is a complicated software,in which codes and their impacts complex. How one to run his... Continue Reading →

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