Lack of communication lead to imagination.

Communication is going in oneself internally,where one is communicating with imaginary other at own terms and presuming impacts that one wish,yet lot flying in air of uncertainty,what a misery that in ones own courtyard of virtual self one is unable to dominate /immerse there and be boss there. and get exalted.Nothing at stake in ones... Continue Reading →


Animal spirit be returned to Animals.

A very catchy phrase often used to justify cures and justifying means for crude /raw action to stimulate artificially.Further it also denotes that in living beings ,there is broadly two categories of spirits i.e ANIMAL spirit and HUMAN spirit.It may be that animal spirit more categorized as being associated with primitive natural spirit and that... Continue Reading →

The walking dead.

Usually it is said that all existence dwell between two shores and the distance between two shores blurs from distance and it appears that different shores are inherently synchronized but when viewed or sensed  from near it appears distant vast horizons ,sometimes safely concluding that the two shores hardly met.Certainly two shores cant meet but in... Continue Reading →


Saying too much,Sensing too much,Wider are meanings,That fits in no frame,Caused by their causes,Difficult to visualize,As if remains tempered in morning,Start's becoming wider as day grows,Melting in darkness,To get reborn with renewed vengeance,Getting in tandem with moving time,Purposes doesn't lies in time,its eternal,Have no preference for this or that, Its evolved fully,Not impacted by vulnerabilities,Time gives passing... Continue Reading →

Affluenza .

The task of surviving prosperity is much difficult and fraught with direct and indirect consequences and costs.The humans are more adept in surviving adversity and various form of fine traditions prevail to ditch adversity onslaughts.It is like comparing that human are more tilted to survive in negativity  and always seek and strive for positivity by... Continue Reading →

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