Questions need to be buried.

There was a man,albeit normal ,having all usual human tendencies but had a slight variant tendency to other beings. Usually all humans seldom get immersed in mysteries of world and feel doubts about utility/tendencies in many areas,but as such feeling comes and with lasting for short duration,all become usual and hardly  leaving any traces. But... Continue Reading →

Micro Management.

A responsible person find solace in successfully tackling his responsibilities ,much that contains and directly/indirectly impacts his own well-being ,and in pursuit of following that aim with that vision one lose the sense and sensibilities of relationship. Too much observing and examining ones thought/vision/goals and fixing same on all contingent causes and also in ones... Continue Reading →

Self Realization.

A word used  most enigmatically  in motivation/spirituality  ,with regard to explaining and satisfying purpose in this mundane life. Attaining  ones potential after stretching it wide along with inherent possibilities ,the capability is stabilized to derive the variance and putting efforts to reach near that  mean to avail maximum comfort of satisfied self so that it... Continue Reading →

The Disconnect.

As if connections are hardly seamless,they always fluctuate,connect-disconnect-Not properly connect.Different state of connected,trying to connect to again and again vividly by many means,drawing solace by hearing persistently that nothing is perfect and imperfection to an extent is acceptable/genuine ,but what point and purpose in those extant of disconnect drawing in extreme other direction of connected.... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point.

The dithering prevailing for long whirlpool of emotions swinging in either way ambiance of stagnation engulfed That in individuals life remain no common interest it only exhibits in movies viewers swaying with protagonist meandering through the maze with complexities of emotion base/roots hardly visible That all has now gained moment of critical mass threshold of... Continue Reading →

Repeated Adventures.

One cant tackle oneself pits are the same falling again and again unfailingly lesson learnt,lesson washed resources are limited yet excursions repeated on dead ends what sort of weird needs lying dormant,raising head propel again and again compel again and again overpower all resolve/commitment to dissolve into repeated adventure of destruction.    

Evaporation of Pleasure.

Main product converted into by- product by glorified consumerism as/and spirituality/religion relegated into courtyard.It is quite astonishing that how by-product gained so much relevance that basic themes got diluted with resultant repercussions. Earlier human was quite/virtually immobile compared to present ,and human were mainly/totally confined to his immediate surrounding area/culture.Now human has become so mobile... Continue Reading →

Looming end of journey-Knowing nothing.

It was gravity and attraction,simply said action and reactions with most mysterious motives that is as if behind all pervasive awareness/consciousness.Interpreting the complex is wrought with complexities and many ones are shrouded/engulfed in deep mire that could hardly be traversed,it is just persisting in that deep mire until departure looms on horizon to release selves.... Continue Reading →

The setting – up of Hard Reality.

To explain and understand process and its phases of settling hard reality is quite difficult and hard to realize. Human has inherent weakness/ and habitual to immerse in various irrelevant aspects of surrounding that is /may emerge. It becomes very hard and usually sort of impossibility for common man to visualize results from prevailing trends.... Continue Reading →

F O M O [Fear Of Missing Out]

In the age of continuous competition exacerbated by digital media ,many people are as if living under perennial feverish state of Missed Out or Gradually Missing Out ,despite all yet seems to lagging behind ,gulf/gap widening and no culvert seems visible to emancipate this murmuring dangling in senses/conscience. It is jealousy at one end and... Continue Reading →

Coloring Consciousness.

Purity is a state where no adulteration etc had not even minutely impacted and thing /matter/state of mind and mind are in their pristine/original shape.To be more precise is in state as was meant/formed. Evolution naturally in nature or added by human by their conscious/unconscious interference may lead to vitiating that originality of original but... Continue Reading →

Ignorance is Strength.

Knowledge is considered as strength,and with its power /possession mighty achievement are claimed to be achieved. Knowledge about varied matters ,about surrounding,self,all pervasive scenario etc further gaining knowledge about other is also considered as much important in devising strategy to start competing and defeating ,if yet not dared to come in open but envying from... Continue Reading →

Natural self without baggage.

The notion of natural self without baggage seems changed in present context,however further to define/ascertain the baggage is complex issue. What is baggage,certainly the past and it's happening,results ,and resultant feelings,emotion etc ,carrying them farther in life in all other new chapters of life,the lasting negative impact of past which spoils natural open self into... Continue Reading →

Stable enough base.

The human have been endowed with extraordinary intelligence,exemplary memory and capacity to visualize,the events in life permeates down deep in conscious and unconscious memory and suffering for past or what may happen in future,which clearly illustrates that phenomenal capacity of memory/imagination  is adding to /causing suffering which are not in present. To know how to handle cerebral... Continue Reading →

Each opinion tries to slice question.

Each opinion tries and tries to slice the question in slightly different way,so is said that WORDS do not express thoughts very well ,they always become a little different immediately after they are expressed ,a little distorted,a little foolish . In debates on issues of importance or stimulating debates to incarnate issues of importance to... Continue Reading →

Never be slave of circumstances.

    Definitely much tend to weigh near idealism,that appears certainly difficult ,may be even to masses but masses can also perceive that real solution may certainly nearer to it ,may be beyond ones reach.  Circumstances are creation of circumstances that could be the precise explanation,yet one may physically circumscribed to situations/circumstances but yet metaphorically... Continue Reading →


What majority craves for is to gain legitimacy for whatever they are doing,so that sense of satisfaction could emerge.It may contain desire to be noticed implicitly or explicitly. Having the authority to do it,and sounds correct from various angles ,but despite meeting yardsticks from one point of view,yet gaining wider inner and outer acceptance ,basically... Continue Reading →

Activated in which way.

One, Activated in this structure, OR Activated in that structure, The structure gains all prominence, Structure and its surrounding, That's all that enliven The structure, Why activated in this form, Why not been inorganic, In perpetual peace, Of being and not being, Simultaneously , Defer ed to being , And watching all structures, Structures interacting with structures, Some... Continue Reading →

How to melt in time [Melting of time]

Time has devolved its limit on all living being ,as well Time in collusion with D.N.A'S of all living being sets biological time frame/zone/status and pattern of biological decay,thereby as if the controlling authority /generating authority of all living species is Time and it is only real force visible that is universal and totally binding.  ... Continue Reading →


The distractions are created as if with larger design ,so that one is distracted and thereby disallowed to reach his potential and never reaches to its real destinations and importance of all creators,administrators is suitably maintained . The distractions are of varied hues,unable to distance from them,besides difficulty of identifying them that to what degree they are... Continue Reading →

Human is of finite nature..But ..Is mental and intellectual capacity finite/

The existence of humanity is perpetuated by succession ,the concept of going entity,[perpetual existence]where next generation becomes trained by parents and their societies to carry the tradition,old learning,beliefs and to preserve basic cultural theme propounded by their forefathers ,to make humanity eternal albeit faces changes at regular intervals. Individuals have finite existence ,therefore viewed in this context all capacities of human could... Continue Reading →

To be chronically impulsive is a trait ..

There are many traits of one,which are nurtured over time,by guidance of the will or by the guidance of the event's faced  on the volatile internal turf. If one is swayed in again and again in small impulsive,a state of alarm appears there,being too sensitive is not a ideal stage,the small issues which are of no significance... Continue Reading →

The larger and popular conscience is not satisfied.

one understand,a great soul,acknowledge something of significance,yet finds it strange that nothing is happening and there are hardly any takers and the rubbish is having so great takers. as if exhorting to quench my/ones thirst ,so that allowance of other aspect [how sane may be]be allowed to descend on the Earth,mind of the masses,that can significantly alter the conscience... Continue Reading →

Decoding Distractions

The distractions are of no existence,one may view them as distraction,while others may view them as totally helpful. Some may find that the varied feature allows one to understand the things in more pertinent way and the path is to be observed sensitively while/as it unfolds. The view point lies with one, the picture has hardly much meaning , until we... Continue Reading →

History is written by winners

Societies and nations have so far sought novel acknowledgement from history, either by re enforcing it, or by analyzing it and then claiming to remove all those hurdles/obstacles that have caused its derailment and precluded the present societies from achieving the ideal/perfect state. The element /theory of cleansing the errors/distractions again gives rise to newer sort of crisis and tends to... Continue Reading →

Multiplicity of reasons behind event makes it..

The events occurs in the human space ,the tangible or intangible ,which impacts human,the origin of it lies in the initiation of human,may be sometimes considered aided by divine forces. The human has the tendency to identify the cause of events impacting him personally or to the society. in the personal space humans are prone to much vulnerability ,which... Continue Reading →

Personality make over

One attribute one under performance and sadness to his personality,and many course on improving the personality are in vogue ,are attended ,these program try to understand polishing an individual presentation to the world,by enhancing grooming ,styling,etiquette,conversation skills ,socialization skills decision making skills,public speaking,body language,voice modulation etc. personality-the unique psychological qualities of an individual that influence a variety of... Continue Reading →

One unit of consciousness in world

The each individual is just one unit of consciousness in the world,the collective consciousness cant be defined,yet one individual unit of consciousness creates so much internal and external whirlpool then what could be the fate of collective units of consciousness. the tiny one unit of conscious in some isolated/historic cases has risen so high that their lasting impact... Continue Reading →

exploration of personal boundaries

some boundaries are static well defined by maps,the exploration of personal boundaries is the task in the pursuit of expansion of self horizon,how far one can fly safely so that landing back may not be of trouble. the individuals are sometime in some sphere may be constrained by the education obtained,the earlier blocks could be softened by... Continue Reading →

Blowing small concerns out of proportion

The concerns whatever it may be ,they are usually insignificant,its our conscious self which blows the issues out of proportion. The concern or no concern ,it usually becomes ones tendency to remain obsessed with some concern for the sake of concerns ,an aura of uncertainty challenges,opportunities,plots etc are hyped to remain perplexed to create anxiety/fear,all such things... Continue Reading →

Introvert and extrovert

The relative weight of being an extrovert and introvert has been viewed and analysed differently,earlier psychologists argued that the difference between extroversion and introversion be recognised as crucial building blocks of ones personality . it is said/believed that Extroverts are outward-looking ,socialize and plunge into things ,Introverts are inward looking reflective and prefer to observe... Continue Reading →

The art of relaxing/enjoying

The term relaxing /enjoying is usually misunderstood,in the real sense the daily routine of individual should normally be such that one remains upbeat in his mood and enjoyment be part of ones daily chores and personality. What usually happens that one on slight accomplishment of some task feels relieved and aspire for enjoyment whereas it... Continue Reading →

Dual personality

The individuals appears to possess many personalities,which they can use at different time suited according to their perceived satisfaction. it appears that human hardly remains in their original self,may be at family,/office etc.As the general inner concept is to view anything unfolding/individuals approaching with caution. the important prevelent reason could be that one views oneelf as most... Continue Reading →

His providence implemented by..

his providence as if  implemented by agencies registered at platform  devised on his behalf long ago benediction of him  got diluted shrouded by  theories/rituals the actions of human to benefit humanity benefits self associated cost hardly viewed the clutter rises the pain deepens the pain spreads the passion and compassion disappears the trenches increases the... Continue Reading →


There appears to be a prism between one and true reality,our mind and its thoughts assume reality accordingly,the biggest wonder /reality is that within the domestic exists the universal ,within confinement lives the limitless/and within illusion remains the truth and one need to dive into the depth of the ocean of forms hoping to gain the perfect... Continue Reading →

Invoking SELF.

Invoking and kindling the spark within to strengthen our receptivity and reduce our giving to distraction and temptation besides the many external trapping also present are equally powerful and intense internal disabler are all impediment in ones path,in the world there is hardly anything having much consistency and the self is usually also devoid of it.  A... Continue Reading →

Natural disposition to willful blindness

One think,act and try to justify ones action to oneself,even then/when self-consciousness and righteousness simultaneously keep playing at the back of ones mind,there are few people who see truth before anyone else does or acknowledge ,to escape willful blindness that seem to effect everyone else is not feasible by all ,everybody know that there are cycles but... Continue Reading →

The value system.

The modern society has revisited earlier values to make globe a village,integrating all in all spheres,opportunities to all despite sitting in any corner ,vibrancy,vitality ,exploring,,experimenting,debating,arguments,logic ,rationality,equality ,innovating and excelling in all ventures in all spheres .  The values are adopted and evolved by person ,organisation or societies for their sustained attainment of higher standard and progress ,while propagating various ethics and... Continue Reading →

The leadership of self.

We talk so much about leadership with emphasis of its role in organisation, country and society etc,the role desired  are also made skewed today as organisation and country leaders are concerned with creating a consumer class who should consume more and more even  causing the mass population of country suffering  hard,but it is justified as the economic... Continue Reading →

Belonging and alienation.

The source of life is visible yet invisible,one could not alter habitual instincts,we get caught in patterns and end up unfulfilled.we are here ,and for the initial part we are at the mercy of the environment prevailing around,one is always at mercy of some unforeseen events that unfold at their whims,but initially human after being born are... Continue Reading →

The wonders.

The world/life is wonderful and at each step ,wonders are apparent,the contrast and availability of multi-dimensional opposites of each thing/word in dictionary causing exploration of wonders,when there is good-why there also to be bad,thereby generating biggest wonders. -The thing happening which is not common. -The thing happening which is exceptional not easily believable. -The things/happening which... Continue Reading →

Optimism and pessimism.

The positive virtue to be optimistic has significant value ,yet things in world are subjective,ones optimism is sources of others pessimism,and clouds changes color too frequently,suddenly rays of optimism becomes too pervasive and suddenly much is darkened. Leave world ,even an individual in itself is so complex that too convince and adhere is hardly feasible... Continue Reading →

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