Profound Pain.

Lived with profound pain, Throughout his brief life, Never complained of it, Always conserving energy, Struggling to respond, Struggling to initiate, Struggling to defend,. Struggling to remain afloat, Avoiding and reducing, The speed of collapse, To have the solace of, Being yet in game, Albeit losing one, Occassionally dreaming, To play like normal being, Swallow... Continue Reading →


Dressing the window,albeit peripheral, rust that all was heaped, with layers and layers of dust, as was destined ,with no activity of surface, The surface cant stood against flowing air, sieve malevolence ,And lied dormant, it was lying long, now polishing appearance with mellow demeanour, with perfect composure, leaving no inkling of suspicion, neither of... Continue Reading →

Embrace the unknown.

Unknown is inevitable, time ticking, growing older,may not wiser, Memories crafted in long journey, drowned in debris of wayward attitudes, Hardship said to taught lot, launching pad for next learning experience, The present is what matters most, right here right now, Amazing experience s or tortuous one, preparing for worst yet having faith in best,... Continue Reading →

Just Being Ourselves.

Matters mounting and multiplying, inadvertently searching newer dimensions, of implications/complications, as if concussion occurred, inundated by creepy vortex, striving for solace, having the effect alike, that someone is disarming, charming and outgoing, creating sense of calm, a charm,a will that melts whirlpool of uneasiness, providing a sense of relief, just being ourselves, neither appeasing,mollifying ,placating,... Continue Reading →

Swinging Wayward.

Stimuli flying here and there, That provokes senses, They cries for reactions, Yet reactions hardly lies in raising temper/shouting, Stimuli filled with combustible ingredients, It explodes with rising tempers, Shattering it's very base, A horse of long race, Controls actions/reactions, Avoids bruishe s /wound from traps, Traps that may be or may not be, Yet... Continue Reading →

Offhand Angel.

Cool in demeanor, indifferent,casual yet bit offensive, nonchalant halo pervading, yet resembles lacking grace, but yet cool in manner, then how it hurts, feels offensive/ungracious, The intent appears vague, The intent appears hollow, casual,frustrating,eerie, sounds frosty coolness, not colored in vivid aroma, scantly revealing calmness, hardly reveling calmness, what to gather from such angel, whats... Continue Reading →

Inclinations propelled by instinct.

Inclinations propelled by instincts, dub it natural or genuine, adoring on this pretext or that, Many adoring its, pristine beauty. All that prevailed for, centuries. And those centuries were shrouded by- sanctuaries of Animals, where all urges were primitive, which one cant relish in this humane world. A world that is, sometimes/somewhere sighted its traces.


A dull surface,lacking vibrancy, devoid of potency/vibrancy, mundane,dull,wearisome,tiresome, not knowing though, from far away,somehow, a deep twinge aroused, as if all that was buried, stored/diverted to trash, suddenly, stoked few amber, as if ash bubbled up, before cinders consigning to fate, yet twinge belatedly erupted, wasn't as intense, as may be in heydays of crater... Continue Reading →

Purposes and priorities.

Priorities... randomly falling into ditches, clutter in cabinet, or commitments in calendar, discard rubbish, at walking distance be, either relevance or convenience, if not both, That effulgence, that rapt splendor, surrounding harvest moon, It confuse refulgence, of LURKING evils, what striking menace, The moon blooming, triumphantly announcing, setting of winter, randomly and recklessly , dew... Continue Reading →

Disparate Effulgence.

The disparate desperation of spirits, wandering in labyrinth of black hole, to that other end of, effulgence of harvest moon, the far cries of disparate destitute s, preying to suck that all gleaming, that creation ,experiencing wonders, the change may appear slow,but penetrate swiftly, the track has changed, the directions changed, putting first things first,... Continue Reading →

Differences are enormous.

Differences are enormous, visible and invisible, significant or insignificant, enormous or tiny, traceable or untraceable, but there is there, unevenness,lack of smoothness, a pervasive all around, lack of compatibility, solution emerges, when all heat blaze, to turn to ashes, all visualization turn bleak, nothing provokes, nothing entice, differences turns so fragile, that all appearing same,... Continue Reading →


As if,it was doomed to implode, even traces lying in, all the beginning brightness, he ,who seen the obscurity, lying/hovering in that brightness, brightness emitting passions, yet passions lacking conformity, on uneven footing, neither surrounding/owned consensus, glances were blank, yet enough to beguile, it wasn't enough to wither, concerns were concerning, in that accompanying horizon,... Continue Reading →

The yearning for comfort.

The yearning for comfort, that all embracing comfort, which grasps completely- devoid of any discomfort. That comfort may dwell, when one in- perfect harmony with surrounding. Where all inner aspiration- lies in tranquility. All abstraction take/shape reality, outside /inside in harmony. The grouses are far off- lurking beyond zone of comfort. And reality is really... Continue Reading →

That foggy light house of fate.

Said to be capable of self learning through experiences etc Yet small shreds of emotions flying free pleading for capture Hardly be doused by a theory to which prefer to stick despite knowing other theories once bitten getting out balance once bitten gaining arrogance striving to turn unpleasant to pleasant Becoming companion of self that... Continue Reading →


All on here faces multiple pressure yet for some pressures hardly subside keeps on changing faces forming different coalitions hardly subdues And experimenting tormenting wars ,chasm on multiple front A low  pressure area invites floating monstrous distractions  race to exert pressure nucleus of beings as if never allowed to get in touch with any sort... Continue Reading →


Tornado whistling loud as if got free rein thither issues/confusion calmed that nothing prevailed somewhat tornado called to fill vacuum bury many hatchet For the remnant beginning embers looks dazed sparks trembling fiercely to anoint the destruction in maze of puzzlement/momentary Enlightenment.    

Votive candles flickering in various alcoves.

Time is stick to its base,its habituality  to habit ,sticking burning the base ,yet invisible and not pronounced. One endeavouring/ relishing great hurry in pushing ahead of phases/phrases being lost in maze of strident certainty of nothingness,only recourse to some fulfilment remains in/lie in decisively moving ahead to any noticeable extent ,leaving behind a trail... Continue Reading →

Constant Discomfort.

To do agile,become agile Utopia has lost meaning leaving no problem to solve therefore no opportunities either as if utopia never works human stretching boundaries vertically and horizontally universal virtual presence widening small container/trough that holds identity Magnifying with enhanced internal impulses astride on external /electric impulses They say neither utopia nor dystonia works And... Continue Reading →

The confusions.

One descended on scene with surrounding impassive beauties And trapped with creatures of voracious aptitude Till infancy values assigned by gullible understanding of longings/belongings with time stretching body catapulting from that microcosm of oneness To varying perceptions those toys losing relevance with indulgence with bigger ones demands goes on inflating confusion galore stalking creatures /sorcerer... Continue Reading →

The Disconnect.

As if connections are hardly seamless,they always fluctuate,connect-disconnect-Not properly connect.Different state of connected,trying to connect to again and again vividly by many means,drawing solace by hearing persistently that nothing is perfect and imperfection to an extent is acceptable/genuine ,but what point and purpose in those extant of disconnect drawing in extreme other direction of connected.... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point.

The dithering prevailing for long whirlpool of emotions swinging in either way ambiance of stagnation engulfed That in individuals life remain no common interest it only exhibits in movies viewers swaying with protagonist meandering through the maze with complexities of emotion base/roots hardly visible That all has now gained moment of critical mass threshold of... Continue Reading →

Repeated Adventures.

One cant tackle oneself pits are the same falling again and again unfailingly lesson learnt,lesson washed resources are limited yet excursions repeated on dead ends what sort of weird needs lying dormant,raising head propel again and again compel again and again overpower all resolve/commitment to dissolve into repeated adventure of destruction.    

In The beginning ,there was – The Word.

In the beginning, there appeared a word, which generated some hope, in few pockets of, ravines of desert, which, ruffled a few corners, in the vast empire of, Satan,devils,Spook,Specter, As if catastrophe felled, All Satan/specter deliberated, were in deep anguish, over the origin of, word, It may have potential, to grow/multiply, and destroy their absolute... Continue Reading →

NO OPEN SPACE LEFT. [English Poem]

All space occupied by, Illusion,Analysis,Phobia The simmering selves, permeating smoke from wildfire, Far cries of jackal, Notorious,treacherous silence in, Setting either way, Fire in parched forests, Or camouflaging stress of distress, THAT NO OPEN SPACE LEFT,  The reach of mighty Net, The developments have developed, The erstwhile Net of hunting, Now constricting whole being, Preying... Continue Reading →

Activated in which way.

One, Activated in this structure, OR Activated in that structure, The structure gains all prominence, Structure and its surrounding, That's all that enliven The structure, Why activated in this form, Why not been inorganic, In perpetual peace, Of being and not being, Simultaneously , Defer ed to being , And watching all structures, Structures interacting with structures, Some... Continue Reading →

Is Raat Ke Baad…

इस रात के बाद जो सुबह होगी, वो कल जैसी नहीं होगी , इस रात में कुछ खास बात होगी, जो रोज नहीं होती, इस रात में वो सारी  बेड़िया टूटेगी , जो अब तक नहीं टूटी है, इस रात में वो सब मिट जायेगा, जो आज तक नहीं मिटा है, इस रात में ऐसी... Continue Reading →

The darkness got so dark.

The darkness got so dark, That all lamps glow, The scary rays of light, Relinquished, Abandoned hope to glitter, The wind blow waywardly, Frightening the trees, Birds in the nest, Neither the baby bird, Nor the mother bird, Could grasp anything, Whats happening, Whats going, What has descended on horizon, To shatter the all here, Shrieks and shrieks... Continue Reading →

The very moment of intangible eventualities..

The days and night, moves devoid of much consequences, without significance, barren regularity, a routine going on, intangible eventualities, the very moment of change, from the eloping night, to sleepy morning, generates anguish, albeit strange, for the coming, pleasant opening, in which the ordinary, looks extra-or, the dew embraces, the grass, it turns greener, shines... Continue Reading →

Drum beats with silence of tranquility.

The silence is shattering, As the observer of it, Submersed further into tranquility, Silence is something, Tranquility is other thing, When the rhythm around, Become same as rhythm inside, The continuous flow of nature beats, The quietness with peacefulness, The rhythm of quietness, The beats of its drum, In silent zone of peace, In a crystallize state, Where the... Continue Reading →

Ordinary meaning are ordinary.. Hindi poem

साधारण  मतलब साधारण से है, वे मतलब निश्चित ही मतलब है, वो तर्को के धरातल पर , नैसर्गिक न्याय के धरातल पर, ढहरते है, मतलब तो गहरे है, जब माया /भरम टूटती है, सम्बंधो  की पुरानी परिभाषा  बदलती है, जब प्रशन किये जाते है, क्या नैसर्गिक आधार है ? आधार सरे बेमानी निकलते है, ये... Continue Reading →

What was lacking.

Something was lacking, what was lacking, a touch that wasn't there, a touch that was elusive, imagined, remained more confined to, coming things, opportunities restricted by, internal make-up, external prevailing surrounding, restricted restriction of, body and self, a chance as if lost, to take-up a cause, to take-up a path, a natural evolution, the inborn fragrance,... Continue Reading →


Water turned patient, Appeared in hindsight, That all were not in cahoot, Copious terse awakening, Outwit belatedly, Got clue, That ferreted translucence, For long, To leave the mark, To turn it into hallmark, Milestone for prodding further, Into the territory of calm, Impacts aren't tangible, Denigrating self, Coloring the countenance, Why covert introspection, Of the... Continue Reading →



When machine thinks like man.. Hindi poem

जब मशीन आदमी सी सोचने लगेगी , तब आदमी मशीन से पूछेगा , मजा किसमे  है, मन मशीन का ख़राब है, तन को तो खतरा नहीं, वो तो लोहे का बना है, पहले से ही बहुत है , जो आदमी को , चैन की नींद नहीं सोने देते , नए नए जखम , रोज देते... Continue Reading →

Wilderness. Hindi poem

ये भटकाव , तोड़ता ही रहा है, तोड़ता ही रहेगा , कोई लगाम , नहीं है शायद कही , किस -किस से जुड़ता रहा, किस -किस से टूटता रहा, जुड़ता रहा,टूटता रहा, बिना किसी राह  के , हिचकोले खाता रहा, हर लहर हिलाती  गई , हिलता ही रहा, कापता ही रहा, हालात ऐसे हुए कि ,... Continue Reading →

Thought Turmoils. Hindi poem

उलझनो को बनाता है, उलझा हुआ मन , इक आग जो लग गई है, बुझती  नहीं है, ईधन का अनवरत प्रबाह , जो कर  रहा है, सहमा हुआ शारीर , इतना भी क्या सहमे कि  , हर आहट के मतलब निकले, हज़ार , सामंजस्य प्रकर्ति से, दूर -दूर तक नहीं, छूट मिली मानव को, अपना सामंजस्य बनाओ... Continue Reading →

Eterninty. Hindi poem

पल पल भारी होता जा रहा है, परतो पर परते पड़ती जा रही है, जैसे की इस भंवर से निकलकर , कही कोई बादल उड़ा ले जाये , भार जैसे बढ़ता ही जा रहा है,  आँखें मानो पथराने सी लगी है, भार कम हो तो भी कैसे, भार जो रोज ओढ़ने में लगा हु, हवा... Continue Reading →

The same old Story. Hindi poem

कहानी तो वही पुरानी है, मगर मेरे लिए नई   है, सुनते ये कहानी तो कहानी है, पर धीरे धीरे कैसे, पूरी कहानी बनती है, धरती पर उतरती है, खुद के जीवन की, कई किस्तो की कहानी , कहानी  में भी कहानी चलती है, कहानी की गिरफत में, अपनी पहचान गुम  है, जब खड़ा होता हूँ  की , ऊपर उड़कर देखू... Continue Reading →

Didar to bahut hua… Hindi poem

दीदार तो बहुत हुए , लम्बी लम्बी लाइनो में लगकर , उन बड़े बड़े परदो  के अंदर से, और जब ऑंखें मूंदे चाहे , तो भी दीदार हुए , एक ऐसा भी जमाना था, छाप जो छूट जाती थी, छाप जो रह जाती थी, वो दौर जैसे गुजर चूका , तमन्ना और जगाये , मन... Continue Reading →

Kuch paresan ho jo.. Hindi poem

कुछ परेशान हो तो , छोटी सी बात भी , बड़ा असर कर  जाती है, यू तो , हर चीज में बनावट है, हर चीज में खोट है, दिल पर क्यों लेते हो , जो आज है बड़ा मुद्दा , कल इतिहास बन जायेगा , हर चीज परतो  में दब जायेगी , सन्नाटे केवल साक्षी बचेगे... Continue Reading →

Jis aadhar se tika hu…

जिस आधार से टिका हु, वो आधार जेसे हिला , उस आधार को आधार ही रहने दो, प्रशनो से ज्यादा तंग न करो, बहुत नाजुक जो है वो, अपने पावो की पकड़ , जेसे धटती बढ़ती रहती है, आधार चले भी गये तो क्या , बिना आधार के भी तो, सरकते है सरकने वाले ,... Continue Reading →

Bahut kamjor hu shayad..

ग्लानि बहुत है, हर बात की चोट पर, हर वो चीज जो , मुझसे जुडी है, या   मैंने जोड़ ली है , सम्बन्ध था या नहीं , सम्बन्ध है या नहीं, कभी कभी तो लगता है, ये जो आकाश , जिसमे अनंत लहरे है, न जाने कौन सी, कब कहाँ से आकर , मन... Continue Reading →

Dil se Dil kee baat

कल पूर्णिमा की रात  थी , मेरे मन का चाँद पूरा खिला था, रोशन हो रहा था चेहरा उनका , दमकते चाँद की तरह , नूर फेला  था दूर तक , वो तो दोनों तन मन से , उनके नूर से सराबोर था, ज़माने का क्या कहना , वो तो चाँद में दाग बताता है,... Continue Reading →

All that happens in the world. Hindi poem

बात तो बात ही है , रात गयी बात गयी , जमाना यही रहना है , सोच को बदलना है , स्वयं को बदलना है , दुनिया में जो होता है , तेरी मर्जी से नहीं होगा , उसे ही अपना लो , जो उसने चाहा है ,  खयालो का ख्याल रखो , और जयादा... Continue Reading →

The Magnificent Glimpse

The glimpse , of the magnificent, filled the joy, in the place, filled with all, uncertainties, helplessness, the heavenly joy, the extra feeling, of greatness, of possession, of environment, of indulgence, satisfying the, real unknown, so the world, stop wobbling, stops hobbling, stable at axis, rotate as if, not rotating, a casual event, a usual event,... Continue Reading →

The process of Gaining Citizenship of Universe

The process of gaining, citizenship, of a planet , gained through the, phases of childhood, maturing,learning, the essence, and on getting the, minimum en durability, the one is denizen, of the planet, its the process, fraught with, tiredness, as the one mature, starts again , im maturing , the dawn,twilight, be soon visible, the newer horizon, of, universal... Continue Reading →

Many sentences/expressions are floating.

The fracas looming on horizon, a moment,any moment, it can descend, many sentences are flying/floating, many expressions are flying/floating, some of them caught attention, some of them hurt, some of them hurt deeply, understood properly or not, the base ground mired, the base ground volatile, shifting with the flow of air, shifting with the flow... Continue Reading →

Filling The Void

The understanding, the similarities, the familiarity, the appeal, the void space, echoed and itched, it dreamed, it fantasized,  a Face of one, a feeling felt/shared, just between two, the coming appears, coming of spring, the long absence, passing through deserts, the saying matters, but not much, need was presence, else is apparent, the work lacks, to convey desires, the... Continue Reading →

Center Point

the binding force of gravity, penetrated by energy, yet to the extent energy consumed, the wheel of gravity is, making dance the planet's, nothing is falling , gravity is the glue, The center point of gravity, From where the all gravites , controlled,directed, the universe central gravity, needs more steam, its energy appears eternal, The gravity is controlled attraction, The... Continue Reading →


desired to be  fixed in like the character   the surrounding depicted in that  portrait , to be stilled to be engulfed in that portrait as if depicting where/how the moments be  seized  the state perpetuately reside in  the state may change outer dark or  different shade of lights      

Race turns hot


His providence implemented by..

his providence as if  implemented by agencies registered at platform  devised on his behalf long ago benediction of him  got diluted shrouded by  theories/rituals the actions of human to benefit humanity benefits self associated cost hardly viewed the clutter rises the pain deepens the pain spreads the passion and compassion disappears the trenches increases the... Continue Reading →

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