Seeds of culture.

Culture is although huge important aspect in the success of an organisation yet at the start of an organisation it is not much delved upon , reason to this can we attributed to more pressing issues of that time i. e like arranging finances ,finding project ,/products, technology and obtaining all clearances. Once an organisation... Continue Reading →


A situation in which opposing forces within a system exerts their activeness with visible or else motivation to impact the system. In organisational context having contradictory opinion /aspects is normally healthy until they metamorphose into contradictory tendencies leading to creation of separate poles. Many view that opposing forces within a system pull at each other... Continue Reading →

Micro Management.

A responsible person find solace in successfully tackling his responsibilities ,much that contains and directly/indirectly impacts his own well-being ,and in pursuit of following that aim with that vision one lose the sense and sensibilities of relationship. Too much observing and examining ones thought/vision/goals and fixing same on all contingent causes and also in ones... Continue Reading →

How to understand reality.

Really what is underlying themes and dimensions are not that easy to decipher and it may never hardly be understood to be acted upon.All words and phrases are vibrant in surrounding,yet to realize  something deeply to shape them as ones guidelines happens not with ease. First of all we need to ponder what is reality-... Continue Reading →

The future of work.

With growing automation jobs are decreasing ,and apprehensions are running deep about running out of work,causing mass unemployment and its resultant consequences. Yet fact remains that productivity may rise significantly and their gains /redistribution of income in some form or other may follow to more than compensate many job losses.First upgrading ones skills may become... Continue Reading →

Inspiration without collaboration.

To execute inspiration into some visible output that pours relief and keeps one in good stead while traversing the journey of being and being relevant to self/surrounding. Inspiration struck to all but with time blockages could emerge,it requires proper pampering and upkeep of things that invigorate one ,never allowing to die that unique being that... Continue Reading →

Lead with purposeful vision not just objective.

The present and future of work is wrought with much complexities further tech has increased the clock speed of our lives.The old standard of Management to first and foremost stick and strive to achieve objectives have now somewhat got modified as change and uncertainties are so vast that objectives have also becoming ever evolving and... Continue Reading →

Double…Multiple…Compartmentalized Life.

Human entangled in multiple crisis,intermingling causes improper handling and lead to deepening of crisis,regardless of fact that one plays multiple roles or limited roles,one need to have command over the moment ,but many times one is not able to perform what needs must to be done at particular point ,may be because one is trapped... Continue Reading →

Animal spirit be returned to Animals.

A very catchy phrase often used to justify cures and justifying means for crude /raw action to stimulate artificially. Further it also denotes that in living beings ,there is broadly two categories of spirits i.e ANIMAL spirit and HUMAN spirit. It may be that animal spirit more categorized as being associated with primitive natural spirit... Continue Reading →

A country is beyond economy.

There are host of explanation,logics and rationals are propagated to make point,that a country is not merely a economic entity and much beyond significant to it. It all changes across countries,continent and their vision of founding and furthering leaders. Some developing countries notably south asian countries etc has made rapid strides in economic development and... Continue Reading →

Leadership is also about venturing communications.

Ability to lead is also inherent in willingness to lead,to rise from ones shell and to communicate,to feel responsible,to hear and react and lead in forming solutions/alternatives,to infuse a sense of command,belonging and thereby providing a  sense of security and motivating colleagues to perform and not merely remain perplexed and confused,its to promote decision making,inculcating... Continue Reading →

STIMULUS is stimulating WHAT- [Part-2]

It has been basic presumption that merely printing money cant generate value,hence it should lead to inflation .But positive side factored on premise that more spending,more consumption may also stimulate demand and production and economic activities may enhance. In reality that seems to hardly happening ,the old recurring theme prevails that has witness that all effort to stimulate... Continue Reading →

STIMULUS is stimulating WHAT? [Part-1]

  Artificial support is usually provided to terminal patient to gain some traction so that after it, normal course of treatment is applied to be able to achieve best possible curation available to one.Naturally one cant sustain for long on artificial support ,otherwise virtually it may lose existence. The global economy is on steroids for... Continue Reading →

Manipulate to wealth.

The individual wealth creation pursuit is inherent in its basic nature in organised living,to fulfill ones dreams and attain security and comfort could be few drivers,yet the wealth creation and accumulation tasks for individuals are not linear in orientation. As means to generate and accumulate wealth has no rationals,a individual yet being best performer in... Continue Reading →

Problem solving may be dissolving of problem.

In abstract sense what is problem,what is cause of problem and what is solution of problem is all subjective and relative. Per se  absolute identification and solution of problem is feasible only in case of fault in machines and such mechanized systems ,rest the things/situation appear different when seen from different perspective and as the vision rotates/matures... Continue Reading →

Changing pattern of leadership.

It is based upon the theme of future leadership,changes are inevitable part of ones life as well to happen in the cultural/societal sphere etc .The changes that happens are as such result of the change in perception of humanity and depicts/portrays the changes/development of humanity over a period of time.The pace of change is not... Continue Reading →


      With brexit round the corner and with opinion swinging to embrace any direction ,day by day signs are turning clearer that what was once thought as a heavenly development of globe turning into a village,where all are too close to recognise each other ,and prevailing a unity. But things have not turning that way... Continue Reading →

Passive aggressive-Gap between anger and silence.

It is sort of passive aggressiveness,finding difficulty in reacting and tackling the issue,and way is to be found between two extremes i.e remaining silent and feeling helpless,letting things to go in all undesired directions or choosing another extreme of shouting,losing patience and lacking skills and will to tackle issue ,and getting out of it hurt... Continue Reading →

Cultural wars in organisation.

The culture of organisation sometimes wavers with whims of its generals ,who originates their own unique distinct style of functioning and tackling of issues .Further with feeling of being more important in organisation and to derive more importance in organisation ,its commanders create nuances and unique way of functioning in organisation ,so that others sections/departments... Continue Reading →

International Politics.

As usual the international politics is mired in mis-trust among nations and unwillingness to leave narrow concerns /desire to dominate international causes rather than to tackle them on basis of genuine consensus. Further international politics are much governed/effected by domestic politics and often to tackle domestic issues and to divert attention of masses from real... Continue Reading →

Strategy formulation.

The formulation and implementation of strategy is vital part of all organisation,an organisation without strategy is rudder less and it may swung in different directions with chaos all around,before embarking on formulation of strategy ,one need to thoroughly understand the vision behind formation and creation of organisation. Further the formation of strategy  requires the proper... Continue Reading →


An organisation is formed with certain sets of objectives ,and they are divided into various sub-sets ,on time horizon-short term and long term further it is pertinent to note that basically first a purpose needs to establish may be i.e to innovate,to excel,start-up or any other venture ,certainly doing business with innovation is key motive .Once a... Continue Reading →

Management is practising professional spiritualism.

The spirituality is believed to help individuals to attain their supreme purpose ,align body,psyche,mind  to attain perfect balance with earthy as well as celestial existence and to live and die in rhythm with rolls of drum ever beating heard consistently with attention despite muffled obstructions peeking.The task of managing could be in hand of individuals... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic product /wealth.[Part-5]

With enhancement in productivity and resultant monetary gains and more professionized approach to work and life leads to enhancement of avenue/inclination to entertainment ,life style and education industry. Education becomes wide and accessible to all with multiple faculties /subjects/specializations available to all ,the cost soars up ,so is financing,basically apart from requirement of skilled teachers... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic product[Part-4]

Today reality and investments have also become substantial part of  gross economic activity /product ,perhaps latest invention and newer chapter in developed economies hunger  to derive growth. It add value to underlying wealth ,the land and its astronomical cost ,as it more situated nearer to heart to business center ,plus its unlimited recreational value ,construction material/services  e.g cement,iron,ceramic,electrical,internal and... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic products/wealth.[Part-3]

The first major big change in economic activities occurred with advent of industrial era,the industrial revolution invented various products and facilitated their mass production and innovation/invention become new order of day, it enabled research into identifying basic ingredients in underlying farm produce etc and started identifying chemicals,D.N.A and compositions ,thereby paving way to artificial/synthetic chemicals ,the needs got... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic product/wealth.[Part-2]

With evolution of primitive economies ,with more agriculture with use of cattle and muck resulted in creation of some wealth in few pockets ,the necessity of more social and economic cohesion was felt thereby concept of central command emerged,as some one was required to control/protect/resolve the disputes /provide stability in wake of various uncertainties and security from... Continue Reading →

Gross measurement of economic domestic product/wealth.[Part-1]

The annual measurement of worth economic activity happened/occurred in a particular unit of geography could be termed as G.D.P.  Basically to define what is ECONOMIC ACTIVITY is a difficult task and it may relates to all tangible/intangible activities relating to meeting the requirements /necessities of human being and all other activities enhancing their experience as... Continue Reading →

Some multitasking may be ..

Human may by nature has some capacity to simultaneously do different things,like one is talking to other and at the same time one is thinking about someone else and also simultaneously pondering about the wisdom/rationale/implications of doing/happening.Thereby it appears that man basically need multi pronged activity/platforms to engage which satisfies self.The human resource people usually... Continue Reading →

Tackling stress in organisation.

 In the present scenario where technology,fierce competition and constant change has become the buzzword of business ,the employees are sometimes drowned in stress while dealing with situation in a bid to perform well.The environment of stress could be due to both ends in organisation ,at the part of management/H.R people etc and at the part of employees... Continue Reading →

Alignment and engagement as success formula.

As alignment is the logic and structure to execute strategy,And engagement is the desire ,willingness ,motivation to make the structure and processes work.The policies ,their framework etc need to be aligned keeping in view broader goals , an organization represents the collective desire of all its stake holders to perform well to increase their well... Continue Reading →

Extended zone of comfort.

It has become much fashionable to say that one need to venture out his comfort zone ,the paradox is that one is hardly basically understanding his zone of comfort and when even not exploring that full and to talk to move beyond that becomes irrelevant.The notion of comfort varies and it is based on ones... Continue Reading →

Happiness may descend when learn to make decision.

To conclude,to stop flow of pain and suffering flowing from past events/happening  in which we feel let down,cheated,not understood and our all expectations/understanding about some aspects has completely shattered.We need decisiveness to conclude the matter and see /extract some finer points from it and also search some lesson to be learnt.We may conclude that larger... Continue Reading →

What means leadership in organisation.

The organisation is run by managers and a country is run by leaders,It is essential that managers may have the leadership qualities to motivate and enthuse his team to get best result,to report extraordinary growth ,and if harsh times are there than to maintain survival and face it so nicely that any upturn could be en cashed . The... Continue Reading →

The need theories.[critical analysis]

It appears that the theories of human needs are not static and they also evolves with changes in society ,technology etc.The understanding of human is shaped and reshaped by evolution/development  with times and changes,one remember that earlier the highest need was considered  as self actualization ,may be keeping in mind the transient nature of life... Continue Reading →

Instinct and Motivation.

Why people act in certain way and how one could/learn and taught to improve his action/mindset etc for ones performance in careers and life. Basically ones actions are governed by ones motivation,which is caused by instinct,learning,training and ambition,circumstances etc.Instinct which are deeply rooted in ones mind are difficult to shape ,and despite various external aids... Continue Reading →

Integrated communication campaign.

The world is saturated with the information and there is deluge of information's flowing,the general approach has become to overlook all such information's,in such scene ,the newer product launch,brand building,reshaping campaign etc are needed to be designed with the well designed integrated communication campaign that could grab the desired attention of the consumers.The image that... Continue Reading →

Training intervention-achieving effective performance.

The purpose of the training program is to a large extent is to achieve effective performance-  1.Either the present level of performance requires up gradation. 2.The performance is to made relevant to present scenario/objectives of the organisation. PERFORMANCE PROBLEM- what should- minus-what is. standard-minus-actual. The problem of performance becomes significant when the performance is below prescribed level... Continue Reading →

Middle management training aspects.

The hierarchies are reducing in the organisation,every rank of officer is empowered to deal the matters relating to him to a extent independently.  The business in present era has become dynamic and it requires instant decision making by the dealing officer present and dealing with the customer. The one representing the company at a point needs to... Continue Reading →

Training intervention-systematic approach 2

The primary objective of training is to achieve a clearly defined standard of performance,its objective visualize what the learner will be able to do at the end of learning unit.The training strives to develop the abilities of individuals i view of the organisation task set-up,to satisfy the current and future manpower need of the organisation.... Continue Reading →

Training intervention-systematic approach.

Training is a planned process to modify attitudes ,knowledge or skill behavior through learning experiences to achieve effective performances . Training is a process of assisting a person for enhancing his efficiency and effectiveness at work by improving and updating his personnal professional knowledge by developing skills relevant to his work and by cultivating appropriate behavior... Continue Reading →

Brand Building

A brand is the Sum Total of Consumer experience and Perception. Brand = Consumer Experience + Perception A strong brand is the core for winning consumers and therefore, it is essential to spend time and investment in research to define and build the brand The brand in fact is a promise based on its goodwill, it is the... Continue Reading →

Pillars of A Brand – 2

The brand hovers in the mind of the consumers as a pleasing and comforting existence. It is based upon strong foundation of strategy and its execution,the salient features of the strategy are the pillars holding the brand. The brand commands the premium in the price,over generic or similar product, and is backed by consistent research... Continue Reading →

Pillars of A Brand

Brands are built on the two pillars of identity and continuity. The basic product is the same to a large extent, yet the brand gives it a unique identity and generate expectations from consumers,the assurance of quality,the unique blends and the assurance of its continuity.The brand create a separate identity,which may even be different from the company... Continue Reading →

Risk & Uncertainty management.

Risk management is done in a planned way in business world. The task of managing the uncertainty is to be undertaken by all,they denote minimizing the dangers/concern to low levels so the normal course of things are in place as usual with equanimity.If things are certain, risk need not be managed. Humans have created the broader term of risk management to systematically... Continue Reading →


THE EXERCISE OF RESTRUCTURING IS GENERALLY DONE IN THE STATE OF EXTREME DISTRESS,WHICH IS APPARENTLY NECESSARY AT THAT MOMENT. the task of restructuring depends upon the will/skill of person executing the same along with the merit of the restructuring plan/strategy. the issue that ails or that has caused the present circumstances need to be identified/analysed in depth ,what... Continue Reading →

Generalized Method Of Moment

the market movement is not predictable accurately on any standard model,it is always unpredictable,the reaction may sometimes be too much and sustain for longer period's and at the other end the market may ignore all negative for far more longer time ,then one assume. the moments could be fairly large enough to allow one to remain solvent,the... Continue Reading →

The sou motto conclusion drawn are doubtful

The human regardless of his stature has the habit of drawing conclusion and forming firm opinion about events ,other persons etc ,which is normally based upon wishful thinking. As the name suggest that the wishful thinking is hardly predictable /understandable,the wishes which has no meaning,no rationale and one even dont understand it ,and merely dance on impulses,vague... Continue Reading →

The inflation deprive some stable income expectation

the inflationary expectation appears to be rising in most part of the world. in the developing countries with the indication of Fed gradually reducing the quantitative easing,the apprehension of reducing the flow of funds is causing grave concerns particularly in the nations more dependent on foreign money and in the countries where the trade deficit   is high in comparison to their... Continue Reading →

Work ethics and work culture

Its the one of the guiding factor that decides the fate of the country,the nations which has made the management studies and the professionalization in the work-i.e , in their corporate sector,government sector has reached to that somewhat real development stage that the modern society yearn for. The nation where the work culture has not taken shape... Continue Reading →

Group dynamics in organisation

In organisation,in school/college/society /locality everywhere one has to become part of the group ,even friends need to form a group of common friends. The isolation and loneliness could be warded away by active participation in the group by understanding its dynamics. the groups could be formal or informal and may not always be homogeneous, in the... Continue Reading →

The different leadership role

Leadership may consist of some natural/inborn traits but it appears it has more to do with the will power/vision of a person and the initiative in one to rise on the occasion to take the leadership role. Leaders are supposed to be architect of change and roles of leaders differ in organization ,family,nation etc. in organization the... Continue Reading →

Leadership in different era

The leadership style/role has remained different in different era according to their vision and their intentions and compulsions of leaders of particular era . The human vision has developed gradually ,refined with the advancement of human civilization but it had not been rising in single direction of betterment and growth ,it has faced many setbacks/hurdles and... Continue Reading →

What when artificial supported I Q explodes

The world has seen tremendous change in the way the information and its analytical tools are available to humans today,further it is said that by quantum physics and more innovation the speed of analysis and availability of information may rise many fold.,thereby raising the I Q level of humans substantially. It appears that in such scenario the... Continue Reading →

What ails developing world

The lack of faith of its people in the leadership and the burden of history,which is full with the stories of oppression. and defeats never let the system turns into a newer mode instantly. The flight of capital is the single most reason of the deplorable state,which again returns in some other forms for time to time,why... Continue Reading →

Gross striking power/gross controlling product

The economy may grow at different rates in different part of globe ,and it has been observed by some that that as the innovation which has occurred in last 250 years may slow down in future,the major invention like -electricity,engine,net,telephone etc,which has changed the humanity much -such sort of invention are not visible in store... Continue Reading →

The h.r in organisation

The conventional hiring methods mostly provides information that a candidate offers,while through social networks a recruiter get to know things about candidates skill sets,interest and behavior that one may not put in resume. The performance is improved if one is able to form good relations with work colleagues ,as 9 to 5 friends are most important element in making job enjoyable,the... Continue Reading →

The universal economy

The sun gives its light and heat free,the air to inhale is provided,the adjure sky,the free software controlling living and non living things,yet how the economy is being maintained by him and yet the huge unending expansion in his sphere expansion is being funded ,that is amazing. the accounting of its empire,and it has given... Continue Reading →

Search of meaning self/society/leaders

The authority and power needs to look from newer dimension,people have natural urge to find meaning and purpose of their life,and are usually self driven,proactive and volunteer to take initiatives to help themselves,their families, neighborhood,communities and organisation to attain their such circumstances it appear logical that leadership is about facilitating the motivation in people ,the system... Continue Reading →


it denotes that one is usually and most predominantly disposed of to think or see a thing in a familiar way and few venture out to see that strange could sometime be more familiar it signifies as it is usual human tendency of complacency ,one usually does not like to see uncomfortable is accustomed to form opinion on... Continue Reading →

Organisational behavior and organised behavior

A organisation is consciously created for usually some economic activity,to fulfill some objects,to perform to grow to achieve some heights,and the management tries to create the organisation which is most suitable to achieving the mission envisaged at the time of formation of it .the individual,the groups and structures within the organisation impact the performance and... Continue Reading →

The fair price

The economic value,the real value and day to day value all differs ,in the modern times more mechanism is developed for determining prices , various exchanges are developed for dealing in the stocks, commodities,agro commodities etc,further a mechanism of speculation is imposed to improve liquidity and to provide exit options and to ensure the return via derivative trading. the material... Continue Reading →

Marketing-the brand cycle

The marketing people believes that brands like humans have personalities,values,behavior ,have ambition and relationship People have conversation,people have fun,people have hobbies,people have passion,people have relationship,people feel pain and express it ,people go through ups and downs,people are confused,people have clarity,people make up their mind ,people go around in circles,the thing is people change all the... Continue Reading →

Global leadership-traits/vision

The four top traits for being successful global leaders could be- 1.creating a strategic vision 2.inspiring others and maintaining leadership redponsibility  3.developing an accurate and a comprehensive overview of the business  4.decision making  the global leaders are generally from operations,finance and sales,first of all to a leader it is necessary that he understand the business... Continue Reading →

Dynamic inconsistency/time inconsistency

A decision maker knows that changes are occurring at such fast that what is relevant today may not be relevant at another point of time ,further there are many behavioral aspects which impact the consistency of decision linked to dynamism and time,as investor is more eager to cut gains than losses ,the eagerness to consume... Continue Reading →

Good strategy-bad strategy,inclusive strategy

The strategy is important for an organisation and any other form of association for its survival and growth,usually it is not always one side affair and unforeseen changes lies buried which can surface at their whims or combination of circumstances,and one can see from history that due to strategy how world of business ,politics and military etc... Continue Reading →

Human irrationality

The rationality may suppose to emerge and prevail in long run ,as human sleep at the end of day to forget all and to get up fresh tp repeat those anomalies .The life span of human is too small ,further human rationality is much subservient to surrounding ,the stimuli are hitting at one from different directions... Continue Reading →

Rational behavior of market

The sentiments prevails/surfaces and all participants in market tend to make hey in sun shine ,And much about rationality  is forgotten ,even institutional players  knowingly or unknowingly driven by vested interests of more commission or compulsion to show better results or confidence that they may exit before bubble appears and burst encourages more and more irrationality. The currencies of economies suppose to... Continue Reading →

The pricing of services

The good and services are important ingredients of economy,they differ widely and sometimes are closely part of a packages, Services are sort of more so intangible economic activities in which no transfer or possession of ownership take place ,when services are sold ,the typical services provides intangible products like-accounting,banking,consulting,cleaning,education,insurance,treatment,transportation and other host of activities which other want to outsource from service... Continue Reading →

Control freak

Trust is intangible ,  hardly quantifiable yet cost of low trust in organisation is very real ,significant distrust doubles the cost of doing business and triples the time it takes to get thing done,when trust is low in a company or in a relationship ,it places a hidden tax on everything ,every communication ,every interaction ,every... Continue Reading →

The hard reality of leaders

The leader needs to be honest to self and to the organisation but what happens in some course that one rises to higher slot then the fear percolate in and the biggest task remain left is to maintain the position by any means,for example when a leader find a successor to him ,but usually he... Continue Reading →

Trustee of wealth

Wealth is  for development and welfare of common man ,it has to be increased and evenly distributed so that a minimum comfortable life and necessary means is available to all.Wealth is enhanced by productively deploying to increase output and services ,hence capital need to be formed . Merely possessing excessive wealth by few may not... Continue Reading →

Autonomy in organisation.

The performance should never be measured in terms of number of hours given but whether the employee is able to achieve the desired result within stipulated time and budget and has met the expectation of performance ,and there is no term of too much performance the working in organisation sometime confined to small book of rules which... Continue Reading →


There is mad rush in to expand  economies,to show their rates growing fast enough,even when the population is declining and the level of individual consumption is saturated . When population is declining and consumption level are at peaks than how the gross domestic product could grow,there could be possible scenario- 1.Either the few pocket of population that is relatively worse  than the... Continue Reading →

The H R sins

All are aware with the worldly sins like wrath,greed,sloth,pride,lust,envy and gluttony,same in the human resource management there are some eternal sins that are committed and causing embarrassment ,today we find that there are many H R practitioners who have no cue of the current business challenges,goals,employee need and wants ,which result in  improper alignment between organisation goal... Continue Reading →

The test of follies

The  repetition of those blunders which has caused huge turmoil again and again ,but the predisposed state tend to forget too soon and again itch to venture leading to repetition and perplexed state of misery.  Much of causes are hearty apprehended yet no concrete regular steps to address them are difficult to initiate to not endure rigors of cobweb and... Continue Reading →

Core competence.

One has to avoid the sucking sound of core by active leadership,new voices,safe spaces to encourage identify the activity that can make the company special is no doubt have relevance but leaping new core competencies and forgetting some core competence no more relevant in this time ,the unlearning of core competencies which are no... Continue Reading →

Risk management and governance.

Risks are integral part of all sort of governance but that has to be managed,but before attempting so ,one need to identify the risks associated/visible or invisible/tangible or intangible . The process of identification of risk also requires study of history and to draw lessons to avoid its repeat and further to identify newer forms... Continue Reading →

Corporate governance.

In the present era ,some of the corporate have grown in such enormous size and having such wide presence that they are in the position to impact the society in many ways,their financial muscle is huge ,their product commands so much market and their wide spread network of staff and distribution network can have wider... Continue Reading →

Organisation and leadership

Organisation are developed not merely by grand ideas,vision and purpose etc but as organisation consist of peoples /employees ,they are  to perform in a systematic manner along with deployment of different resources to achieve the vision behind its formation and to create wealth and serve all its stakeholders. When humans of different skills are pooled... Continue Reading →

Entrepreneur and intrapreneurs

eEntrepreneurs could be seen as one who relinquishes what is safe and secure to set out to make his /her dream come true and sometime persons with such zeal joins organisation to become intrapreneur,they strive to achieve the success of organisation as if it is their individual success. the founders may know the every brick... Continue Reading →

The growth model

Around 400 hundred years ago the  some asian countries were the richest at that time ,later on the western world with its un orthodox and progressive thinking with scientific emphasis ushered in industrial growth making their countries grow at huge pace,which increases the wealth of its citizen and the living standard of their natives increased... Continue Reading →

Rarity built on myth

The myth also plays a significant role in increasing the value of brand and increasing the life span of brand considerably,usually hidden in the history of brands are stories that could add to magic and specializes that create the aura of rarity. Exclusivity ,authenticity and myth are three ways of creating rarity-and there could be many more,however... Continue Reading →

Brand survival as consumer is fickle

The consumer are fickle and this fickleness is a product of habits that are deeply ingrained ..and the temptation which at initial or some point push customer to flirt with ,but they again revert to soon,this fickleness needs to be understood accepted and overcome.the social/political leader sometime try to make some iconic brand by raising some important chronic issue... Continue Reading →

Rarity worshiped

The creativity,after all the ads are pieces of art attempting to appeal the aesthetic sensitivity of consumer while attempting a sale the rarity/creativity has parts -the idea which is often the connection the creator embeds in the content ,and the craftsmanship ,the elements that go into the execution of the idea ,the best ideas are... Continue Reading →

Fear and phobia

The biggest obstacle in the path of self realisation and self actualisation is fear it is single most powerful element which is causing great distress to individual as well as whole humanity. The fear is created and its perception is changed so that the player in derivative market can gain out of it ,the phobia... Continue Reading →

Management theories-service sector

In recent times the management theories have been rewritten many times and one of the most relevant cause has been the rise of the share of service sector in the gross domestic product of economies,now even in developing countries the share of service sector is more than fifty percent. The management and delivery of services totally... Continue Reading →

Products and brand.

Products are of generic nature,when they are given distinct identity ,they becomes branded products,a brand tends to convey many meanings . Everything that is mfg /grown and consumed /sold is a product,but when an aura is added to a product to get it differentiated from other products ,it catapults into category of brand.  A brand is... Continue Reading →

Growth for growth sake.

It is essential parameter of judging and rating a economy that it is growing consistently year after year at healthy rate of growth. Growth creates wealth, employment opportunities,increases living standards,yet to introduce measures beyond rationality and long term consequences just to spur growth may not help much.  The impact on environment cant be compromised beyond point for... Continue Reading →

Participate leadership..

leadership is always a hot talking point,even the crisis of economy is exaggerated  due to lack of confidence of masses in the leadership qualities of leaders  heading nations and institutions. Managers/leaders works at various hierarchies with different roles but contributing to larger goal,same is to be aligned perfectly so that all gaps are filled and movement... Continue Reading →

Leadership evolution and path ahead

Leadership emerges from shared experiences,external pressure and an internal need. Today working environment provides ample opportunities for talent to develop,its not that leaders are made overnight,a long struggle,traversing of path is needed to understand pulse of things and to gain knowledge /wisdom. Decision making skill of higher levels is not available commonly,here more diverse knowledge,understanding of multiple aspect etc... Continue Reading →

Challenges in market/business.

Present dynamic environment demands that human capital becomes more productive and efficient with diversity of thoughts,it will become necessary to build more robust employee engagement program  . Corp orates had increase their investments in s killing employees to improve capabilities to tackle  widening talent gap ,which may be bridged by getting newer concepts more comprehensively implemented. Today h.r... Continue Reading →

The data analytic..

In the digital age ,there are strings of footprints left behind by every one of us,and the marriage of mathematics and business knowledge has created the discipline of predictive analysis,,the potential of big data lies in the kind of insight it can offer businesses and the kind of question it can help answer,it has created... Continue Reading →

Quality versus quantity conundrum.

A thing of relevance/substance with relevant/tested ingredients /features is the basic theme on which a product is launched to get its share in market place. The quality is sum total of all ingredients ,structures systems of its formation /delivering/monitoring /handling /servicing process etc because the quality is a compact concept and it permeates in mind of consumer as... Continue Reading →

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