Broadening horizon.

Barrage of information, key for informed decision, emerging from various media, reliable/unreliable source, dreaming to fill in shoes, right skill to marry with passion, broadening horizon, equip with time proven efficient tools, communicate often more and more, affected by range of influences, trust,openness and transparency.      

Micro Management.

A responsible person find solace in successfully tackling his responsibilities ,much that contains and directly/indirectly impacts his own well-being ,and in pursuit of following that aim with that vision one lose the sense and sensibilities of relationship. Too much observing and examining ones thought/vision/goals and fixing same on all contingent causes and also in ones... Continue Reading →

Self Realization.

A word used  most enigmatically  in motivation/spirituality  ,with regard to explaining and satisfying purpose in this mundane life. Attaining  ones potential after stretching it wide along with inherent possibilities ,the capability is stabilized to derive the variance and putting efforts to reach near that  mean to avail maximum comfort of satisfied self so that it... Continue Reading →

The Disconnect.

As if connections are hardly seamless,they always fluctuate,connect-disconnect-Not properly connect.Different state of connected,trying to connect to again and again vividly by many means,drawing solace by hearing persistently that nothing is perfect and imperfection to an extent is acceptable/genuine ,but what point and purpose in those extant of disconnect drawing in extreme other direction of connected.... Continue Reading →

Tipping Point.

The dithering prevailing for long whirlpool of emotions swinging in either way ambiance of stagnation engulfed That in individuals life remain no common interest it only exhibits in movies viewers swaying with protagonist meandering through the maze with complexities of emotion base/roots hardly visible That all has now gained moment of critical mass threshold of... Continue Reading →

Repeated Adventures.

One cant tackle oneself pits are the same falling again and again unfailingly lesson learnt,lesson washed resources are limited yet excursions repeated on dead ends what sort of weird needs lying dormant,raising head propel again and again compel again and again overpower all resolve/commitment to dissolve into repeated adventure of destruction.    

Inspiration without collaboration.

To execute inspiration into some visible output that pours relief and keeps one in good stead while traversing the journey of being and being relevant to self/surrounding. Inspiration struck to all but with time blockages could emerge,it requires proper pampering and upkeep of things that invigorate one ,never allowing to die that unique being that... Continue Reading →

Remedy cannot be worse than malaise.

Remedy should cure somewhat malaise otherwise it cant qualify to be remedy.But practitioner of remedies practice/apply  remedy without any concern to malaise  ,which makes remedies worse than malaise. Malaise in itself has complex characteristics,which are hard to decipher,to assign/fix exact cause difficult further how to invoke comfort,easiness and how to create that ambiance which transmit... Continue Reading →

New Superman A.I.

Machines are becoming smarter,now they are becoming adept in generating codes themselves,communicating with other machines independently without human intervention ,these all may imply that machines are able to generate their own program ,their continued running and betterment not entirely controlled by human being. These developments may raise a fundamental question about loyalty of machines/artificial intelligence,their... Continue Reading →

Sense of Proportion. — World Through My Pen

To isolate and distance from continuous/perennial state of flux can provide an opportunity to view and sense subject matters and their reality .relevance,importance,accessibility etc. Though proportion may be the final secret ,yet the whole is usually not static and it is perception of one through which one carves out proportion .Despite more connectivity etc loneliness/isolation […]... Continue Reading →

The invisible consciousness.

Much of what is visible could be a tiny/random/invoked reflection of that vast abyss from layers in the subconscious sphere,and  considering the enormous magnitude  of constant filtering/processing exercise done by human brain ,it may be too difficult to consciously make choices all the time. Human brain lies amidst large bit of themes/phobias /information from present... Continue Reading →

Preaching is great business.

One who can successfully establish their authority to preach get access to money,fame etc,in earlier era one used to get preaching authority from some established school of thoughts and after becoming discipline of established GURU. Now newer form of saints have emerged to take care of newer generation who do not wish to follow traditional... Continue Reading →

Education overhaul in tune with human psychology.[Part-1]

It appears strange that even after modern civilization gaining so much momentum,yet remains very basic flaws in its approach to integration,inclusion and creation of homogeneous society with consideration of all round development of humanity ,so as to minimise the suffering.The understanding and misunderstanding about suffering _whether only poor suffer,or rich suffer,ordinary one suffer or powerful/privileged... Continue Reading →

Answers and Solutions.

Answers and solutions have much in common,solutions may have their genesis in answers but at the same time these two may be different and at contrasting ends at different spectrum. The answers are the explanation of reasons and weighing of logic,it can range between two distant poles,the answer seeks and base its relevance according to times,accepted norms of that time... Continue Reading →

Calling emerges when right calls are entertained.

There is lot of talk nowadays about identifying and pursuing ones calling ,but knowing ones calling is not an easy process as man gets confused by events unfolding to pinpoint calling. In present times a lot of emphasis is placed on knowing ones calling,so that action could be oriented towards it. Man has got limited time span and... Continue Reading →

The concept of the Concepts.

The concepts are grounds on which issues /matters are tested to determine their worth. A concept is more than mere idea and backed/explored by a particular school of thoughts. The concepts are set of notions based on particular logic or methodology. The notion based on particular variable  is called concept. The issues in world are complex and... Continue Reading →

Generation Gap Reduced IN Some Parts..

the generation gap in some part of the world has reduced substantially in some parts,particularly where the almost entire population is having access and using the net,that means that total population in these part are edycated and having a open society,in such cases the new generation may give a second thought to have some regression... Continue Reading →

The gap between ones central theme and others central themes/reality is huge ….

The very basic nature of human is there after gaining the maturity,but the reality or the gap with others central themes remains so large that many jolts are to be borne by one in the life. for example-one is contend with decent living and enjoying the nature and comfortable,but the other closer associate is too... Continue Reading →

Every one is hardly rationale in own sense,

The God man  is rational ,because he is hardcore businessman ,who knows from where his money is coming from,the believer is also rational ,because he is using his rationale to negotiate with his insecurity. when the flow of feeling,emotion,frustration,desperation,helplessness ,frenzy and burden of history all mounts on one head,then the distinction between what is rational and... Continue Reading →

intelligence and intellect

the knowledge is exploding with the advent for newer technology,the education system has improved/benefited from such transmission,yet the knowledge and intelligence may differ at some extreme,one has all the knowledge,yet the intelligence provide the capacity to analyse it ,and to choose the suitable one. the intelligence provide the ability to get the conclusion or to... Continue Reading →

The sou motto conclusion drawn are doubtful

The human regardless of his stature has the habit of drawing conclusion and forming firm opinion about events ,other persons etc ,which is normally based upon wishful thinking. As the name suggest that the wishful thinking is hardly predictable /understandable,the wishes which has no meaning,no rationale and one even dont understand it ,and merely dance on impulses,vague... Continue Reading →

the rationale thinking /decisionmay be left over to machine….

earlier such a thing was unthinkable,now the machines has turned more smart and the human starts to better understand its limitation now. the human take decision based on the emotions,but the crux is this that always such emotion are not based on any logic and devoid of consideration of long term implications,further the emotions are... Continue Reading →

Natural childhood intelligence shapes the adult personality

The majority of evolved humans,feels that they lack something and usually find the excuses shifting blames. the one of the most common excuse is the childhood environment and the psychologist also agree that childhood environment/development has a major role to play in the adults life,but the question is -HOW MANY PERCENTAGE OF HUMAN CLAIM THAT THEIR CHILDHOOD... Continue Reading →

Back pain [pain in mind/shaking personality]

The spirits have somehow become so that they hardly rises,and if rises sometime,its only for a shorter span of time.,the deep rooted pain in mind and the apathy of near and dear and the unconcerned society all add to the pain,which need reflection ,a permanent dwelling and a permanent residence in the back as if leading to never ending back... Continue Reading →

The natural instinctive game has been made complicated by

The natural instinct for human is recognised by the psychologist and the hierarchy of natural instinct has been devised ,the basic requirement of human are its most natural instinct , that very stage and definition may be undergoing much modification today,the market researcers are creating varied needs for human and offering solution at price of money and... Continue Reading →

The state of depressive non performance

In some people quite often a tendency which has its root in the perpetual indecisiveness is developed at the early age and later on too late the tendency remains to pass time anyhow,just to prepare for office in morning too cautiously and meekly than pass the time in office ,while watching the clock,observing/disposing some work... Continue Reading →

Mindset,inclination and disposition

We understood that there are going to be all kinds of people with different mindset,inclination and disposition, and it would be an Utopian idea to believe that these can be mold in a standard form. But the task lies in understanding the variances in disposition inclination of individual so as to contain its harmful effect on larger society,organisation. the forming of mindset is... Continue Reading →

WRITING for own survival/maintenance

The writing of articles/poems involves innovative thinking and analysis of issues and views prevalent in  surrounding .,some begin late in the field of writing and some begin too late ,some early  but particularly for one who has begin the writing late in life this start is helpful in self preservation and maintenance ,the issues of one always remains ,the... Continue Reading →

The spread/enhancement of vocabulary

It appears relevant that one should attempt for the growth of self vocabulary whole life,as one knows that learning  never ends and one require at all phases of life to understand newer meaning s of known words /events/matter and adding to vocabulary throughout life helps in exploring the meaning and words that suits to describe self ,other... Continue Reading →

Emotion-energy in motion

The human interacts externally and internally continuously ,which generate flow of the flow of feelings and when it gets out of their normal range,the generated imput could be termed as EMOTIONS ,now the emotion could be varied-it can be termed sometime as infatuation, a feeling of guilt,despair,sympathy etc but the usual feeling is that one is deeply puzzled... Continue Reading →

Creative-to be

To understand the creative process is mysterious amd often termed unreliable as even the most creative person may not find it easy to explain the phenomenon,but their are some who believes that creativity can be studied and understood ,can be nurtured and cultivated as one has a button to push to start the creativity flowing in.some traits are attributed... Continue Reading →

Deducing an answer.

The issues are marred by various tangible and intangible attachments ,the perception ,notion,prejudice,self interest and are also made complicated by advocaters of status qua ,further much due undue deliberations ,relevant or irrelevant ,just to show their existence further vitiate issues ,but ultimately all rubbish associated is to be identified and deleted to arrive at true issue ,and once... Continue Reading →

Proactive learning.

The learning is both ways i e consciously and unconsciously ,the conscious learning may contain the learning which is derived by conscious efforts while pursuing the deliberate learning process the consciousness may itself had been somewhat occupied by preconceived idea /opinion and the impact of culture prevailing in ones surrounding ,yet the conscious learning may... Continue Reading →

Education-thinking and self learning.

The present education system in many countries give more weight age /race for better marks since  that effect their cgpa and ultimately their chances of placement.,this system is not producing real leaders whose natural talent is nurtured but the business so often find itself in the grip of groupthink ,leading to disaster there is urgent need to improve the way... Continue Reading →

Space is the future.

Now human want to attain perpetuity and understand basic concepts of life immortality etc which had been so far elusive,if human lives in universe at different stars with different rotating speed,different gravity etc human life length may go to any extent and impact on this Earthy body of universal forces may make it endowed with unique virtues.... Continue Reading →

The key factors in human growth..

Human has traversed a long path,which was once so fragmented state now gradually converting into universal concepts,in which miseries of earlier times avoided and comfort zone has tremendously increased ,freedom ,knowledge,education excelled and connectivity,transportation,art and craft,science,communication etc became pervasive,which were earlier available to few.  The human growth was added exponentially with examining issues in lab,to analyse it scientifically to use... Continue Reading →

The man not a social animal

The man cant survive in isolation ,he needs association and co-existence of fellow being thereby forms various formats ,structures,layers of associations represented by various boundaries of common interest ,commonalities,proximity ,technology,innovation etc. The man is social yet animal appears to be paradoxical ,it sounds human live socially yet acts whenever opportunity arise in their basic instinct of animal ,a refined version of... Continue Reading →

Resistance of change.

Anything new being introduced cause concerns among likely to be effected persons,change is otherwise natural phenomena,it is naturally unfolding ,as nothing is static in world. Basically human has to go through the changes which nature has planned in advance,but during that phase/journey ,human are to fend for themselves with alignment with all visible/invisible,tangible/intangible  nuances to better... Continue Reading →

The patience.

To understand that things /issues fully and not to get swayed in a momentary emotion /provocations to inflict self damage ,one need patience to patiently tolerate incitement of any form and understand all aspects neither block emergence of multiple aspects. Not to lose temper and remain quiet,steady with perseverance ,neglecting irritations and having ability to wait/endure... Continue Reading →

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