The grooming-up.

Some lead happy life irrespective of circumstances -many drift toward experiencing incompleteness ,sadness and anxieties . The grooming up of self through childhood or later on,but getting the compelling vision to check  growth taken place so far and modify the same suitably is more desirable and has genesis in grooming up. Some have more inclined to take... Continue Reading →

The corruption.

The corruption is a term which has a relative meaning to one,what one society may view as corruption other society may not view as corruption but consider as individual freedom to explore. In a country which has been divided throughout its history in many many small parts and society has remained divided in different classes ... Continue Reading →

The path to recovery

In life everybody faces setbacks and sometime setbacks are so huge that the path to recovery becomes a tedious task.Man sometimes is born with certain ailments -physical or mental -and after entering into the humans world-the path to recovery depends on man's luck One is in the mess and no sign of recovery are anywhere... Continue Reading →

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