Reciprocal Responses.

Responses may be reciprocal or may not be so,

A childish jubilance propel one to share hearing or reading interesting things,

But it looks awkward to child to find their responses muted or lukewarm,

As if for them matter matters or not,that is not easily divulged,

Child fantasized things fast and gets upset on slight imagery,

They are hard to decipher,what interest them and with whom and how they emit ,

Impulses are impulsive for child and for them until not dragged attention,.And then the euphoria of that events evaporates and something else gain current,

And child gets disheartened,and loose all joy of its fantasy,but what to do The child needs childish ecstasy which not available in stone hearted faces and some flights of senses flow inadvertantly or for some brownie point.

Child crave reflexes and they care to protect their hardened self and to let child totter.

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