Seamless Connection s.

All being on planet,

Being an independent unit,

Connections not banned with other units,

Yet as if some leaders required to remove distractions,

And form clan,unit, group, society to organise them,

And to give it a identity,

Or some chemistry needed to sow the seeds,

Yet it had remained volatile and fragile,

Creating a subset of culture in larger domain,

And required leadership to maintain connection s in smooth going,

As if system ingrained in social whims unlike mechanical,

Yet at the other vista,

Connection s are seamless,

Unlimited storage in clouds,

Retrieval always available,

Flowing consistent and well put together,

What is holding them together

Towers towering all around to nourish.

Granting accessibility/flexibility to humankind,

To organise better,

Dismantling boundaries,

Reducing distances and ever connectivity to allow hassle free conversation,

To explore and devise,

Seamless Connection s.

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