Tides Turn Frequently.

Sometimes gets so desperate in flows that despite inherently knowing its nature ,cant get through that phase safely/perfectly.

Knowing that these counter balancing forces are playing their game but i cant balance myself with that cycles and when one particular current is on ,i get so stuck to feel its permanence and decide matters /take action accordingly,which after some time with changed current of tide becomes irrelevant and i makes fool of self with its implications.

Sun and Moon jostling for their influence change current of tides regularly making it interchangeable sort of play ,yet despite so frequent regular change ,the temperature /roughness in particles of tides is is not evenly changed.

The mood gets so fixed and bored,desperately needing action to salvage self indulge in whimsical disposing things at inopportune time and later with current flowing at other direction the possession seems sticky /in disposable.

All momentum is lost with inappropriate adventure,due to my inability to just wait for few seconds in heights of desperation where all impermanence mold into permanence to push me into such chaos that they becomes my permanent habitats.

As if it is art of conspiracy to create/generate a hype by person of moment in Events of moment to change the directions of destiny .Decisions taken on behalf of masses by individual in just/unjust position/dominance impacts wider sphere and mold the structure of existence.

Time of fortune is not a privilege of few ,and even the comparatively softer and luminous entities have their run of time.When mighty incandescent Sun sets off ,the wilder moon exert its influence.All cant be present all times ,with space being occupied with different beings and to grab that opportunity to store that energy for better indulgence of fruitful value.

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