Being more relevant in writing/ blogging.

The writer/blogger is fraught with dilemma,how to establish oneself in eyes of viewers/readers,because ultimately this alone is relevant.

As a writer/blogger ,one has to analyse the trend which gains like and viewership ,which enthrall spirit of writer . He may be writing same material with better content/language ,yet viewership and response could be poor,apart from other factors the writing STYLE that is popular and prevalent in ones target readers could be most important thing and that need to be practiced and ones theme should be molded accordingly.

As if present trend is somewhat centered around trend in which writer to weave his theme in portraying story/memoir around self or characters chosen.i .e theme need identity to which readers can belong and relate , feel compassionate or horror etc perceived to be outcome of theme by blogger.It has to be made vivid by characters revolving around self or else.

Studying patterns ,which may be that using/leaving ambiguous meanings/interpretation and rather leaving the theme without much ending ,resolving/deciding .

Presenting this generation plight/predicament ,with disintegration of earlier systems and redefining relationship in new context .

Present generation more vocal in expressing their demons and angles,so need to be patterned in writing with depicting whirlwinds/whirlpool of confusions centered around old sanctified values/relationship.As if you cant get rid out of past ,it remains yardstick to compare,blame and relate to miseries of present world.

Reverie of present residents,more so of younger one narration may generate lead,as if they do not need lecture /preaching from writers/blogger,rather more content with highlighted present world realities.

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