Random behavior.

Any being having consciousness is absolutely prone to random behavior.Machines which are having intelligence but yet away from consciousness are supposed to perform statically.

Consciousness is product of energy ,and even machines when deprived of stable energy tend to perform erratically with increased wear and tear,that could be subtle aspect of primary seeds of consciousness.

Conscious one are prone to dither and despite stiffed in natures/biological systems express and act in different ways at different times.

Even without much apparent reasons the nature ,winds/storm,deluge and various ingredient of nature acts most randomly impacting the limited life span creatures more vehemently ,that to say nature larger invisible consciousness is primary source of randomness all around.What is intended,and that uneven consciousness acts like a demon in inner selves,to tame it and glow with it that mirage that is associates with them.He who sums up that when i am strong /weak , i am also weak/strong is to gauge the range and unevenness of that volatile consciousness that prevails on this Earth.

It is also construed that somewhat consciousness is also product of that long journey of civilization and said that even human like creatures for million of years do not have consciousness and it emerged in them lately ,so may be other systems created by these conscious being may have their natural evolution in same way ,sooner or far.

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