Empirical observation Versus Philosophical discourse.

Empirical/scientific knowledge has potential to transform whole society/state and can cause widespread better amenities to life thereby improving living standards and empowering common man.In ancient times the seed of human progress was laid by philosophical discourses in Greece,Eastern civilization.

yet it appears strange that some part of world,who were forefront in philosophical discourse long back ,just created their tribe and gained all authority at detriment of common man for selected enlightened and closed all doors for its empirical expansion.

Philosophical discourses had now reached at their heights and in earlier era some by experiencing those philosophical discourses in deep solitude and away from any sort of real world claimed to gain something ultimate vision and power and got established as permanent hallmark of that society.

Philosophical discourses are useful at times but they cant be turned into lasting vision and permanent reality in anyway and where it has happened are lagging far behind in real all around progress.

By that intrusive vision of philosophical discourses only those mighty hierarchy of proponents only benefited ,whereas empirical/scientific modifications and developing a real mass product to uplift all ,such societies/state progresses in learning /understanding and grow leap and bound in territorial /economic expansions.

It is also harbinger of open society ,which is compatible to explore and change rather then sticking in those age old philosophical malice ,beyond which they cant think.


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