Themes may be limited -But dimensions are unlimited.

In this astral existence ,everything is said to be interminable.Neither origin is known nor end could be contemplated and there is no limit or unlimited diversities.

As if similarities are in limited vogue ,and differences are pervasive-be in appearance,voice,nature o of humankind.Despite belonging to same genre ,no two constituents are similar entirely,their basic frame,ingredient to a large extent be alike yet that minor difference/unique feature in being make as if everybody exquisite.

The core genre of different sort of being have much in conman.Implying that that THEMES are limited but its dimensions are interminable.Basic theme of humanity is by and large same,basic needs stuck to base ,other needs differ according to prevalent environment ,plus individual individuality.

The same old story with different character and modified theme,another surrounding appear again and again,no two disputes are same,have their different dimensions and different perspective,perception and different level of sentient individuals/litigants.

The great sages while meditating in deep caves unearthed that it is five i.e soil,water,air,sunlight and ether that is core of all origins,yet no two produce are same in same genre.

The great elections has few themes but politicians and their campaigners devise innumerable dimensions to it and all themes are lost and as if all is swayed in dimensions that gains currency.

As if central topic/idea get mired in morass and characters starts to swing widely among different dimensions and what ultimately comes out of cauldron remains of no concern,the spirit,the characters and  the moderators all to be exorcised of the ill effect of that time in which all sort of auxiliary characters could dive to change course or strengthen it.


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