Looming end of journey-Knowing nothing.

It was gravity and attraction,simply said action and reactions with most mysterious motives that is as if behind all pervasive awareness/consciousness.Interpreting the complex is wrought with complexities and many ones are shrouded/engulfed in deep mire that could hardly be traversed,it is just persisting in that deep mire until departure looms on horizon to release selves.

That ripe man sitting/apprehending departure was wondering that he knew nothing,Relationship cherished at one age turned sour at another phase,all lost in illusory competition of gaining over another one in sight real or illusive,all actions and reactions were guided by whims of moment.

He ventured to discuss his demons with colleagues,but none paid any heed instead as if all were too busy with their own demons and were trying to release their demons on other suitable fellow,who appears sensitive to them. Was it not strange that even creatures of palaces were quite envied with residents on paved surface ,as if comparing the list of restrictions prevalent here and there.

What a cost is there to be incurred and earned for protecting oneself from ones perception of miseries ,and storing for that uncertain future was always inadequate.The sapling that old man planted with great expectation started to wither from start,to nourish them properly by keeping proper care when care for self was not forthcoming from any domain [neither internal nor external] and when such purity prevalent all around what fruit could be expected,despite this till now expecting some elixir which may re morphed those ugliness.

Looming near the end a relative solitude emerging akin like that mighty meditation which has somewhat cooled agony at this precious moment ,which causing better expectation for the state metamorphosed from this present one ,as said by wise man that what remains in last with one may last onward with him also.


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