Remedy cannot be worse than malaise.

Remedy should cure somewhat malaise otherwise it cant qualify to be remedy.But practitioner of remedies practice/apply  remedy without any concern to malaise  ,which makes remedies worse than malaise.

Malaise in itself has complex characteristics,which are hard to decipher,to assign/fix exact cause difficult further how to invoke comfort,easiness and how to create that ambiance which transmit that rays of fulfillment/satisfaction   which despite being in perennial mire of malaise generate that sense of enlightenment,after all the surrounding societies as if are engulfed/effected by deep cultural/historical malice,which hardly could be tackled as if got so deeply ingrained in their basic existence further the pivots who derive strength/reverence from that uneasiness state of affairs leave no stone untuurn to get that perpetuity disturbed.

As if remedies are applied which are worse than malaise ,which neither curing and further creating newer frontier of whirlpool of confusions/ailment that cause demand for remedies rises phenomenally and more preachers/healers venture into field.

My experiences are worse than his experiences,that was remedy for me but somehow cant use it ,identify it timely and now all is gone leaving in ebbs and flow of that state of malaise ,where some remedies temporarily provide relief to create accelerated next round of deep malaise.

As if malaise could sometimes many times be better than remedies and that cleaning that purport to clears the fundamental existence of sentient being leaving in state of such osciliation

in which neither one belong to this part or that part neither belong to self.

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