Source of Anxiety- Social Media.

It was supposed to connect,bridge divide ,smooth em communication thereby permeate/foster belonging,connections,understanding .Resolution of disputes and enabling individual across globe to come closer and satisfy the quest of social beings.

Platforms developed with theme of providing connection  and communication to people with common interest.But actually looking at friends post about their pleasures,lifestyles ,parties generates anxiety of being left out .It was become a mean in hands of each individual empowering them to broadcast their personality,social status and views on wide ranging subjects with as if sole motive to get other understood.

Sensing enormous business potential of social media advertisers and promoters all jumped to maximize clicks,even individuals draw immense satisfactions from likes ,page view ,number of follower etc , for which ready to spend large sums to get self promoted and to look far ahead in race.

The pool of data generated at social media is being en cash by all authorized/unauthorized marketers/platforms by gaining access through legal/illegal means and targeting posts,ads etc to individual emotions thereby ensuring reactions /clicks and whimsical decisions to serve ulterior interests further causing average people in anxiety mode.

With money and influence can spread any sort of news to change perception about brands/people etc with their spending power .Spreading of content which effect communities,societies and govt also can provoke of anxiety.

The basic motive behind social media to make world a better place needs to be fulfilled by making social media authentic ,responsible and just not allowing to spread of post causing to increased level of anxieties to individual thereby gaining sarcastic pleasure.

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