The ultimate experience.

Human life is multiple pursuit ,so are experiences,it is feelings in particular physical or mental etc that forms experiences.Certainly particular events,relationship impacts one at core and remembrance of them remain till long as no comparable experience replace that wonderful experience.

The ultimate experience implies that experience that as if transcends time and may be near to that eternal bliss,where feelings of different sort i.e pleasure,pain,joy etc have no role in that state.

It is said that ultimate experience may emerge when one becomes truly evolved,beyond experiences ,desiring,striving and seeking and reach in state of supreme contentment.

Yet one who’s life is governed by nature  his life falls under its   rules ,basic necessities,etc,yet one may get engaged with self and surrounding in such a way that he immerse fully in feeling that this good run will forever last and gain that ultimate experience of permanence ,stability devoid of fears and demons.

It is very experiences at core of the worldly nature of things and resultant feelings and checking /stopping flow of mind in barren zones of discomforts .

As if ultimate experience may be a thing which one has to experience self and no one can share his that ultimate experience of foolishness,irrelevance,treachery etc ,where all relations flourish when they benefit all stakeholders.

The stories of great experiences prevalent are stories of those ,who establish their command,authority and cult and as if no ultimate experience of that desolate being who’s life ends in relative isolation is heard and known.

The ultimate experience emerge to ordinary being when a great realization about very nature of life and being dawned upon his sense to relieve him from that constant etching and get to become relative stable in life,some human achieve that state too late in life,some fortunate one get it earlier and some great wanderer wanders endlessly with flows of whims of what appears to be appropriate and flow in life with all controls in hand of almighty as if in state where controls are in hand of all intervening organics and inorganic at their vagaries.

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