New Superman A.I.

Machines are becoming smarter,now they are becoming adept in generating codes themselves,communicating with other machines independently without human intervention ,these all may imply that machines are able to generate their own program ,their continued running and betterment not entirely controlled by human being.

These developments may raise a fundamental question about loyalty of machines/artificial intelligence,their ethic structure and decision making process.

The ownership of such machine may not lie solely in hands of its creator,as smart machine may disobey commands which they not find worthy ,further while communicating with other machines they may generate their own notions as well as collective notions of machines around world ,who may agree about certain basic weaknesses of human and may universally decide to adhere their principal and force directly or indirectly humanity to follow them,a sort of globalization dawned by globally connected machines.

As machines get smarter they along with processing their regular work may be able to generate their own knowledge and understanding in which human role may be minimal and that acquired knowledge and interaction with human ,other machine may lead to opinion not solely in linear programmed way,implication of which may range in broad horizon,

Humans are supposed to develop,grow by various combination of biological,environmental,societal facts i.e d.n.a ,education,environment,culture,society etc as machine tend to gain independent powers to analyse,make decision,implement them,communicate with organic and inorganic world,it all will add to prowess of artificial intelligence ,which may more consistent and undisturbed by vagaries of human mood.

Yet innumerable equipment connected to internet of things may provide humanity and smarter machine better raw data to understand mechanized ground reality ,in which element of perfection may gain traction at cost of human sentiments and its basic nature.

Humanity has developed at snail pace,its only after birth of machines and artificial intelligence that human has accelerated its speed to development,i.e with a smart assistant humans and humanity may have benefited,but with smart assistant getting smarter and independent and with rising prospect that smart assistant may communicate with other machines cordially but their human bosses may be enemies,and with enmity,imperfect environment prevail in human domainĀ  ,how much cordiality may remain in era of somewhat smart machine that time may unfold.

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