Hunting expedition for scapegoats.

Earlier era hunting expedition in wildlife are gone,rather now people visits wildlife sanctuaries to watch those creatures in their natural flows,who use to be easy scapegoats in earlier feudal times for mighty beings.Times have changed and people are got empowered to get heavy and feel that mightiness that was available in limited domain earlier.

Further ,avenues to infiltrate in multiple,ever evolving one areas along with dominant one since primordial era  provides one or slip into various expeditions ,and results , as always been ,generally disappoints.As if there is nothing as absolute result its as usual as comparative/relevant  etc with mindset ability to rate them satisfactory,absolutely etc i.e to assign them success rate on ones scorecards.

Rather success is attributed and satisfaction is derived in finding scapegoats ,that can thrill one and by adding weight of scapegoats with what is achieved may cross to above hundred percent,that makes to cause all much as if all to end that venture.

After all ,why not , its the contribution of real or imaginary obstacles that propped up during ones expedition planned /ventured or just avoiding all expeditions yet life and time angle does not grant ones opportunity to remain immune from venturing in expedition not at all,as if one has to indulge in many expeditions,whether willing or not and dynamism of individual increase or decrease number of expeditions ventured by one.

It was all success,as if reached Moon,and much of mysteries were unraveled and it was just few steps away from revealing the final mystery that a snag got developed to erase that achievement/moment.I was,It was all ones capacity and adeptness in fixing perfectly to scapegoats ,where lies the real solace/satisfaction.

Why,after not,even most revered ones took scapegoats to venture in their divine expedition and used that opportunity to enlightened whole society.After all it is quality of scapegoats that’s linked to ones ability to visualize them is what is called real achievement and that evasive thing /mirage,the evolution of enlightenment in oneself may be somewhat that final achievement,cherished.

Villains , are The most important being in real or subtle sense,one can play that role for self or else,they can be real or imaginary,they can be organic or inorganic,they can be temporal or eternal,its after all something vicious that permeates in oneself to harm that feeling of achievements,THOSE VILLAINS,SCAPEGOATS ARE ALL THAT MAKE LIFE O.

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