Certainty To Life.

What if certainty becomes a dominant feature of life,though theoretically it may appeal many ,but when walk through such aisle of life ,one may find it quite insipid and may question its meaning/utility etc.

As if uncertainty that makes life feasible,a short tenure of existence itself cast the hallmark of uncertainty its prime reality and this prime reality allows/nudges one to oscillate wildly in direction of creation/destruction i.e to pursue all sort of adventures.

If certainty to ones being in particular state was affixed then one may lose charm in making efforts in particular directions for betterment.

Though certainty is itself a quite confusing ,when systems/procedures in many part of world are certain to deliver nothing concrete,where a justice may linger for years to decide ,or to get benefit of state schemes,equal opportunities etc get mired in varied color of tapes .

Despite of having relative stable environment,human mind is able to create multiple hype about anything to introduce element of uncertainty , like-fear of future,creating mistrust about motives of others ,as if certainty in environment cant rule out hidden angles/motives .

The classes living under their state of being as if becomes accustomed to certainty to their state of being gets bored and games,drinks,casino,speculations are attempted to introduce to instill feeling of uncertainty ,as if somewhere in deep human nature seeds of jealousy sprints and hopes downfall,upheavals etc and height is reached when someone in command cant cherish certainty and sometimes because of own monster uncertainty draws the whole nations into uncertainty i.e by pulling nation into various sort of wars ,creating divide in societies.

The very certainty of his providence is disputed and drawn into conflicts to snatch any minor relief/solace in common man.Nature by its very nature has elements of uncertain certainty and with advancement in capabilities of human beings ,much of that uncertainty could be taken care of,enough funds,skills,manpower is available if evenly and according to priority employed and distributed,but there is huge anomaly i.e despite having sufficient resources etc but cant find certainty in it and attempts to snatch even meager resources of others ,thereby knowingly or unknowingly ensuring that certainty do not prevails.

Certainty to life of masses around world could only be product of understanding ,universal cohesion etc ,otherwise oasis in somewhere may have weak foundation and susceptible to all sort of quakes and eruptions.

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