Nelly the comet.[A story] Part. 2

Nelly the comet was privy to many universal secrets,which were quite strange and at odds to each other.Life existed in totally different forms at different universal structures.

Nelly the comet found it quite astonishing while being in proximity to Earth that here life exists in hierarchical steps from different insects,birds,animal to the last evolved specie -human being,whereas Nelly in a fit of drowning /epiphany caught a glimpse of other extreme form of life seen on some star ,where human was the least evolved specie and many more evolved specie above human being i.e human were at the lowest in hierarchical form of being in that star named Coressa.

Nelly wondered at the specie called human being ,,which on the Earth was most evolved specie whereas on star Coressa it was most inferior specie in order of being/evolved.

Nelly was surprised to note that specie human was as if at the crossroads of evolution i.e between pathetic animals and evolved divine being ,in that sense it was above the specie of animal but below the specie of ,i.e neither animal nor enlightened.Yet Nelly observed much more peculiarities in while observing human mind ,which was attuned to relish all experiences of animal in much graceful manner alongside visualizing divine pleasure ,that confused Nelly that in which sense human specie is only modified/updated form of animals with slight seldom perspective  of life beyond animal realm.

Nelly pondered that human specie in general have some sort of common physical structure unlike animals,who are clearly visible by their physical structure and accordingly have natural instinct,but in human being despite different human having different traits akin to different animals cant be categorized and therefore having better capacity to inflict damage.

Nelly watched that animal and human both have homes ,yet human have more stable homes and mates etc ,yet Nelly find it highly exasperating that human has wonderful trait of thinking causing confusion and illusion and giving off all gains and thereby having unique capacity to be homeless despite being in home.

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