Sense of Proportion.

To isolate and distance from continuous/perennial state of flux can provide an opportunity to view and sense subject matters and their reality .relevance,importance,accessibility etc.

Though proportion may be the final secret ,yet the whole is usually not static and it is perception of one through which one carves out proportion .Despite more connectivity etc loneliness/isolation not much decreasing leading to distance/isolation from real problems ,which may lead to increase in proportion of idealism with inherent cost.The balanced of proportion of intelligence ,which squeeze or expand with upright intuition of constant change could lead toward stability . In longer run the multiple proportion interacts i.e The individual proportion/Ones social circle proportion AND Overall social proportion   will necessitate to align to create and sustain sensed proportion for common being.

It is not that simple and gauging great opportunities hordes of counselor market their  services to propel one into correct proportion to lead healthy life and attain physical/material prosperity ,here these Guru seems to master of Art in generating and disbursing proportion of sparseness so that it appears more genuine and acceptable leading to their glorification with gaining disciples and booties.

The quality of life increase in direct proportion to ones commitment to excellence,With addition of courage ones life expands and shrink at reverse in its direct proportion.

Usually age gives a sense of proportion ,yet it is many times a distant dream for many with even climbing ladders of age and remain preoccupied /immersed in settling imbalanced proportions cherished at better part of age ,without realizing its present context.

Laughter /humor is great sense of proportion ,it enables one to view oneself from outside and ponder at lost sense of proportion hampering good taste and genuine intelligence.

Sense of proportion fluctuate according to ones perception about what really matters ,the nearness to it in ones own context helps in finding common sense which becomes realized sense of proportion to weather all surrounding pulls and pressures with as if inborn ease.

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