Pandora Box.

Event occur from their flawed base,A meagerly defined prelude without defined purpose .

As if someone was too confused and was in so hurry to create that it created structure s and activated it,

Claiming to claim serene beauty /and set inclinations to incline naturally and appear oasis of tranquility/eternal elixir but that hurry in fixing to fixate with each changing moments which are so near in occurrence but so difference/remote in perception perceptible that and so bizarre that it appear two extreme corner of this universe.

Flaws are constantly being as if automatically being cremated in Pandora boxes to let allow to continue it’s perpetual creation.

Where to halt , individual s with so much isolated structure to self as if even not designed properly to connect even with self ,then what to say of rest of surrounding.

As if connection is core search left on muddy creatures who even can’t rise from basics .

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