Hardening of calamity.

When no logic/rationale works and one becomes so occupied with destruction that past /future everything loses its significance and chokes all grooves and immersed in such state then more so as if calamity tend to gain it’s roots towards its certainty.

It’s point to ponder whether calamities are invited or they trod their own path, but here it looks rather astonishing that many in their individual life invite calamity by their own act and isolated state of being dwelling in self constructed hell.

What had been the finer points earlier and proper evaluation of present state and possibilities/impossibilities of future should and must prevail in conscience .


How pitiable is one who always fears and hardens his heart in that imaginary reality whereas hardening should be the capacity of ones basic infrastructure to withstand the direct real onslaught of calamity.

Myth about calamity which do not in reality exists neither have much fair chances of appearing in. Future but sadly downrightly escalate into assertion and even with those who had been the bullwork so far.

A darkness as if so created may also be some handiwork of crooks who place the ball here and there to create all round confusions/s around which also lead to secluded walls stiffen vulnerable to calamities.

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