Coloring Consciousness.

Purity is a state where no adulteration etc had not even minutely impacted and thing /matter/state of mind and mind are in their pristine/original shape.To be more precise is in state as was meant/formed.

Evolution naturally in nature or added by human by their conscious/unconscious interference may lead to vitiating that originality of original but many may argue that that original is illusive and not parted with that basic Consciousness therefore it is constant effort to gather and ascertain that colorless Consciousness.

Level of Consciousness are stated to be of prime significance and endeavoring higher level of it is deemed to be opening newer horizons, but that it is also true that what existS/probable can only be explored and many things that were dreamt in epochs had now become reality.


Consciousness is unique in its very nature, as it appears to be beyond one realm, no one can actually feel/experience the consciousness of other and one can just perceive feeling/state of being of any other one and even one is confused by self drowsiness and awakening to surrounding.

Seeking colors to colour ones consciousness that glitter and vibrate enthusiastically to rhythm of life and provide harmony with its very basic nature.

Whatever unfolds is beyond the domain of any organic being and the ultimate color on which no other color can intrude and imbibe and well permeates in that consciousness that is the actual consciousness and shatters all distinction of organic and inorganic world.

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