Ignorance is Strength.

Knowledge is considered as strength,and with its power /possession mighty achievement are claimed to be achieved.

Knowledge about varied matters ,about surrounding,self,all pervasive scenario etc further gaining knowledge about other is also considered as much important in devising strategy to start competing and defeating ,if yet not dared to come in open but envying from heart for long for reason known/unknown.

Further information about other help to identify new vista of dwelling and exploring others planning /attempting  devil ploys then other should naturally excel in it.

Information about other shapes the counter steps/offensive in ongoing conflict of possession,which all want to enhance and perpetuate.


Earlier human know little , mainly constricted to local area that more so meant a tribe like existence with its unique sort of identity , developing and perpetuating its being and scant interaction with outer tribes also contributing its evolution/devolution ,but as knowledge grow and one with confident of it ventured all around to dispel that localized knowledge prevailing in every fifty miles.

As if Neither knowing more nor knowing less has much changed the basic knowledge in hearts of heart that could result in concluding a fulfilling life led and cherished.

Less confusions with knowledge and unshakable beliefs might have resulted in lesser misery/guilt/wavering/staggering  etc , many may call it shrouded in ignorance but knowing as much that neither generate disturbances then as if it apparently gleans the beauty of ignorance, that whatever other may term it but a great pleasure/fulfilment and flavor emitting from it is strength of strength that strengthen one with sound sleep/dreams and almighty may debar those knowledgeable from disturbing that strength/tranquility.

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