Lack of communication lead to imagination.


Communication is going in oneself internally,where one is communicating with imaginary other at own terms and presuming impacts that one wish,yet lot flying in air of uncertainty,what a misery that in ones own courtyard of virtual self one is unable to dominate /immerse there and be boss there. and get exalted.Nothing at stake in ones own virtual melodrama but as if the theme ones central theme of pure relief, enjoyment has waned.

That all was with many in childhood and in attempt to be fully adult all traces of childhood are abandoned and buried in that distant desert to dissolve all its traces.

Absence makes one fonder ,without communication with outer and inner world,As one as if can’t belong to outer world and paradoxically can’t find inner world to communicate,may be that all experience of communicating in life has resulted in follies as by luck,chance, destiny or law of attraction only wolf were attracted ,too cunning people,only interested to extract and extract and make other void ,totally void.

Imagining the Moon and Noon ,yet communication between two characters impacted by tone tenor and content/intent get lost as if has no meaning, Dominance is what penetrated deep and one merely wish that surface and prevails smoothly as if destined by heavenly award ,after all one is mandated by him to prevail and it is illogical that at each miltimeter competitor would be there.He is  here with all authority but sometimes get lost to find /judge what is the virtual absolute communication that can evigorate ones each and every tiny cell and rather opposite sets in.

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