Debate and discussion s.

In eastern part of world in olden era knowledge was derived by pursuing path of purity in isolated areas and that knowledge was stored for posterity in SHASTRAS ,to say in simple form in sacred text.

And in that golden part of world in that golden era conquerering other sect,other geography was done through SHASTRATH i. e debate and one who lose the debate has to accept the slavery of winner and accept him as ones GURU and at the same time all follower of loser also shift their faith and loyalty.

It somehow appears strange that in this manner history was frammed ,which when looked in perspective appears strange as who wins debate is not necessarily correct logically because it is the force, language, personality,mood at that time,hooting and all other perverted methods adopted to dominate other in debate and many times one who is genial loses advantage in debate/discussion.

It is not that always logic prevails but what is in SHASTRAS that matters more,

Debates have even in present era given rise to acrimony and unduly division of society on filmsy grounds ,to say to promote ones limited interest larger division are created and that perpetuate into wide gulf of difference s which appears to hardly reconcile.


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