Animal spirit be returned to Animals.

A very catchy phrase often used to justify cures and justifying means for crude /raw action to stimulate artificially.
Further it also denotes that in living beings ,there is broadly two categories of spirits i.e ANIMAL spirit and HUMAN spirit.
It may be that animal spirit more categorized as being associated with primitive natural spirit and that is only rationale/logic behind it,RUTHLESS PURSUIT whereas human spirit ideally is supposed to be supported by logic,planning in humanly way/human environment.
Mostly dictum of animal spirit used in human society to justify its usefulness in economic /social domain to get rid of dire state.
It also refers to stages of human evolution ,earlier civilization was predominantly based/dependent on animal for its survival and fulfilling its need for food,cultivation,milk.transport,clothing etc.
But in present world human dependence on animal for survival and growth considerably reduced and now human has mastered energy in its hand being generated by many renewable/non renewable means and invented MACHINE to get its numerous task done further it enlarge human understanding/reach across universe.
In the present era machine has connected human across globe and provided instant mode of communication and access to knowledge….these newer empowerment has changed /changing human attitude,preference and priorities as compared to what were in earlier era.
Basically social transformation in which all having more so equal opportunities /participation with state role as enabler and provider of security deemed vital by humanity.Newer trends have emerged in modern era with ratio of old age people increasing in population and overall population declining further globalisation has made borders irrelevant ,skyscrapers and high yield in agriculture has reduced importance /value of land.
Yet humanity remains as divided in organised form of nation/bloc etc ,there need to change/modify concepts and parameters of judging growth and dominance in old ways of expansion through military and economic might have lesser utility ,rather now it is more important parameter to judge growth /development in sense of expansion/dissemination of knowledge and equal/fast access to all ,sense of inclusiveness across globe and exploring more relevant aspect of human individual upliftment in satisfaction  and exploration becomes dominant.
The means/mentality of constant G.D.P growth by all means to showcase ones dominance and expansion are losing meaning in some pockets of world ,where prosperity has percolated enough among masses but that is not making its ruling class happier,as if they want that larger world to remain dependent on them ,for that purpose rapidly transferring technology of mass destruction and mass production.
In earlier era constant invasion and destruction was accelerator of investment/dependence/dominance and growth ,same models are no more relevant ,further now it is mad race to invest in infrastructure whereas humanity lesser and lesser physical assets and space ,there is lot of talk about one belt one road sort of projects costing/propelling huge investment in theme with animal spirit ,these silk routes might have been more relevant when silk could be afforded by high class people ,thereby gradually making redundant  trade of ordinary things ,its more services,skills,tech etc now that is relevant and one can order anything physical online and get it in real time from across globe with means of communication increasing and less monopoly products further with texture of raw material changed from purely being agrarian earlier.

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