The walking dead.

Usually it is said that all existence dwell between two shores and the distance between two shores blurs from distance and it appears that different shores are inherently synchronized but when viewed or sensed  from near it appears distant vast horizons ,sometimes safely concluding that the two shores hardly met.
Certainly two shores cant meet but in longer run the lines tend to swirl and curl toward its base ,but when ends meet and found very harmony from which they emerge ,but travails of path and tedious,boring alleys with dilapidated beings does not help either in healing wounds that are licking constantly.
The unending long days/week/month/year /decades are harped on some mind-numbling  moments ,moment of glory in which soring flesh and its tormenting mind melts,the mind and matter are in perfect harmony alike surreal existence.
The walking is done by someone in existence ,capable of feeling and conveying them,exists that in physical sort of forms not being temperamentally or permanently dormant,but being in existence with oblivious of existence and flying in stratosphere where pain of wounds gone/attachment to worldly pleasure gone and flying in zone of comfort from where maximum solace could be gathered as stability is no such abstract matter and sometimes one aspire/tend to raise to higher layer of mesosphere but ultimately gravity absolute truth and one leans to fall to troposphere and ultimately to its base. 
The base hardly remains natural impacted by vicious layers of surrounding inside and outside ,remains in various exalted or tepid state.
To melt into singular act of walking in instant world is that vital craving that one craves as being.
The gravity is grave and it has so densely gripped physical beings that a middle path optimized -to be and yet not be -in that terrible state of pulling and pulling material/immaterial ,existent and non-existent senses/realities are submerged into a more cohesive ocean with minimum ebb and flow.

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