Saying too much,

Sensing too much,
Wider are meanings,
That fits in no frame,
Caused by their causes,
Difficult to visualize,
As if remains tempered in morning,
Start’s becoming wider as day grows,
Melting in darkness,
To get reborn with renewed vengeance,
Getting in tandem with moving time,
Purposes doesn’t lies in time,
its eternal,
Have no preference for this or that, 
Its evolved fully,
Not impacted by vulnerabilities,
Time gives passing time,
Bubbles are blowing and bursting,
A perfect picture,
Serene ,calm and quiet,
Beneath the surface lies turmoil,
Unlike crude which lies in calm,
Until ignited,
Some lamps ignited perennially, 
Its glow glowing,
What lies in glow,
Whatsoever lies in glow,
Its dancing reverb ratting with surrounding that surrounds,
Visible or invisible impulses,
Causing deep strain in particles,
The surviving of glow,
Its overall entity,
That’s playing and relevant,
Nothing else, 

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