Getting old and young are part and parcel of life,but when we observe reality in manner/context of wider reality then we finds that for one time is evaporating and for another time is setting its onset.
One is growing old ,another is growing younger ,the rhythm is not changed ,characters shape etc has changed but rest much is same what it was earlier.
How to observe reality that is vital question ,its key appears in self awareness ,being aware of self and its existence and attacks of sensation coming from all around alongwith also from inner being.
The fragility of set-up of ones self is supposed to be founded on causes,present cause,past cause,childhood cause and causes prevalent in universe which gets attracted to one due to its compatibility etc and accordingly causes finds a frame to get attracted to it as causes cant lie dormant for too long a period ,they emerge and re emerge and get mingled in cauldron of  ones being to set up generation of fresh causes.
The causes are causes ,nothing good or bad ,nothing pleasant or unpleasant ,it appeals its targets to get involve in them to generate fresh cause,compounding etc so that cycle never ends.
The cause and effects are natural phenomenon which are bound to happen ,but whether could be slightly tempered or exaggerated ,that ‘s all the leeway that might be available there.  
The vicious cycle of etching of causes with surface of sensation to generate itself to perpetuate the continuity,continuing as usual.
The causes would cause their influence ,repercussions and resultant feelings ,its like that ones ability to attract causes that cause lesser impact. 

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