End do not justify means.

The glorious pursuit of just cause by all means is debated but  another aspect is that one do not completely know what will be the End and here at the end a feeling percolates that it was useless that one pursued so varied means to achieve a end whereas End became a damp squib.
People fear the End and want to shape the End and employ all resources and means so that path is not deviated but after reaching it one ponder the futility of means employed either on excessive side or at lower side.
End is usually not correctly visualized ,neither feasible ,it is just anticipating ,I.e various uncertainties in life on financial,family,service,health,education ,hobbies front and man dreams and fixes target for performance and at other end alleviating certain apprehensions/uncertainties.
Many time it is difficult to make decision and chose a path of action and it may not be due to lack of information but may be owing to we are lost in maze of details and hypothetical and were not in position to isolate essential details so that end could be visualized with clarity and confidence,the vast range of physical uncertainties  and neither it is possible that all aspects struck to ones mind at the time of deciding means further one is swayed in emotions and feeling and justifies decision.
End may justify the means or may not justify means ,it depend upon how End ultimate take shape ,a final end ,everything cant be predicted with certainity and a feeling is left that End did not  justify the means employed that is also abeted by individual conditioning and  shows his dilemma from beginning to take decision and pursue a course of action.

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