Horse and Donkey analogy.

In the animal world ,if one attempts to find out similarities and differences then it may appear that differences are quite large and easily discernible and it’s more interesting to jot down similarities -1. Animals usually have four legs. 2. There intelligence level is limited 3 They lack social structure and devoid of cultural legacies of their ancestors etc.
Further animals are basically not a one/single race and no general familiar basic structure. , therefore horse and donkeys are clearly identifiable and weight age/pledge could be assigned easily.
It becomes difficult in human race to distinguish good intelligent workers and duffer’s and destructive non performer .
In animal world horse and donkeys are born in that way but in human era it is not so,all are born more so same and with

equal potential but some turn into either way.Training could be imparted to stop slippage into denigrated race,further willpower that is in exclusive domain for human also matters.
Yet humans has distinctive advantages of Acting and shifting roles,one who is considered genius may sometimes act most foolishly and fools sometimes save the situation,further human have capacity to think and identify roles in where lies advantages,being in horse or donkey,if one surrounded full of high quality fools who could hardly be pursued for better path, rather  perceiving danger of being outcast in jungle , suits better to align with such majority.
Nowadays as if masters prefer silent workers ,who lack trouble creating ability and their brain could be washed as per requirements ,the war of proxies that is order of current world,where anxieties and phobia of masters generate command that tantamount to self destructive path but what to do ,green grass appears more greener to horses and donkeys and they lose distinction and starts act jointly as a homogeneous group .
Who do not apply his own mind too much and never let  it’s masters let down are preferable. As if it is altogether group of horses then it may create chaos and the white knights may suffer bouts of helplessness and depression, therefore they induct huge amount of Ass /donkeys in their groups to stay it fertile and relevant
It is said nowadays is Kalyug ,a period when truth virtually becomes non-existent and donkeys gets sweets and all pleasantries and the deserving one search fodder perched  in parched/patched land. Donkeys deserves all for their absolute loyalty and for full devotion to directions without questions and appraisal .
Therefore as if now horses and donkeys have lost their differences and their traits are no more in exclusive domain of one species and one tend to act according to situation,whims etc thereby enlarging scope I.e That can suit in demand for both donkeys and horse.

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