Post Truth.

Virtual world has established itself as big shaper and forming of opinions ,it makes rounds and rounds through endorsing,sharing,commenting etc. of information,news or in path of forming opinion so as to directly or indirectly influence decisions,p policies and malign the absolute truth to allow ones version of truth /fact /information to prevail and burying nasty dimensions not suited to one.
All that needed is temerity ,big clout over virtual world and adeptness in promoting pun,such trolls starts projecting patent lies and half truth as ABSOLUTE TRUTH and more it is spread through sharing,promoting,advertising etc enough people starts believing in it just went viral,further suiting to individual theme makes it becomes ABSOLUTE TRUTH for them,as totally reluctant to see/accept other view ,rather indulge in game of promoting it into deeper starta of consciousness and to more remote audience adding to form a resolute crux protecting the core group ideology.
It so happens that by the time neutral people realize what they have gulped down but as if they could not find themselves in position to regurgitate it and BY THEN ,A MOOD ,A SENTIMENT ,A PERCEPTION created and as if VERACITY becomes IRRELEVANT.
It could be a deliberate attempt to gain mileage in election etc or it may be product of human psychology or sentimental chain reaction that shrouded the absolute truth ,as the going says SENTIMENTS can’t WAITS -facts understood or not-BUT FEELING CANT WAIT.
Absolute facts became thereby irrelevant and feeling , sentiments tend to prevail ,it is not doing any service to humanity,rather prolonging and complicating issued,die hard fans/supporters mushrooms and level of acrimony increases,.
Tolerance is given way to acrimonyy on ones view ,as promoting ones views /feeling/sentiments by taking recourse of all means  available,thereby creating such  a damage that real facts gets relegated to mere spectators.

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