Natural self without baggage.

The notion of natural self without baggage seems changed in present context,however further to define/ascertain the baggage is complex issue.
What is baggage,certainly the past and it’s happening,results ,and resultant feelings,emotion etc ,carrying them farther in life in all other new chapters of life,the lasting negative impact of past which spoils natural open self into closed one with blurring vision that mars one from viewing world in easy and positive way.
But nowadays more distressing point has as if taken dominance over baggage is to MAINTAIN PRESSURE in life on issues of concern,the one way going and maintaining constant vigilance and pressure ,modern life has made human vulnerable and CONSTANT ALERTNESS has become new THUMB RULE,.
The vulnerability of human has increased with newer  systems,demands of new era life,the vicious cycle of cards and internet etc.
The security that was in abundance in earlier era has now dwindled despite GDP growing exponentially,the newer techniques to stimulate demand  ,has enslaved human being and as if it has become NEWER NATURAL LIFE to always yearn for newest model,changing all consumables many times in year .
In present world balance of strength maintaining has become diplomatic goal for political dispensations ,and when certain equations appears to be changing I.e some newer alliances and growing clout of some emerging powers etc disturb the equilibrium, suspicion and lack of faith are new buzz word and everybody is on constant guard now,because all have power to conquer and one who could venture first without getting noticed by other can capture all around.
Same for human, the lurking danger of predator s is constant threat,the virtual world has added to misery,where individual are under constant pressure to maintain and grow followers and clout, these are newer constant pressure rather then baggage of childhood,a adulthood or certain relationship etc.
The stress to achieve target in job,in personal life  has risen and a tendency has been created to build and maintain constant pressure ,on employee to perform,on children to get scores,keeping in check all perceived enemies by disturbing developments that appears to strengthening other to become more potential/powerful rival ,that has be checked,monitored and maintained at all cost ,it is not merely baggage but constant fear of losing balance,relevance and to stay ahead with hostile competitors.
Competition is considered healthy for growth and innovation,but basic of competition lost,it is essentially among equals to benefit lesser privileged,but now as if all are competing with all ,and on too subtle and all spheres ,the. rule of game as if changed  and dominance at all cost is to be gained and maintained,armed with newer technologies the scope and domain of turf has risen manifold ,and it had generated immense pressure on all directly and indirectly in fray.
Individuals are burdened with task of staying relevant  in any age group is posing challenge and resultant immense frustration and therefore maintaining zeal and natural enthusiasm has been replaced by planned strategies,meticulous execution and ensuring result otherwise falling in trap of black holes.

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