Bollywood dominated by heros of old age around 50. years.

Usually the cinema in any country represent youth and youthful enthusiasm and aspirations.
In hindi cinema there was a phase in which action film gained more popularity then romantic film era,but now all is mixed and further a new trend of art or realistic film has also become part of present era.
Hindi film in earlier era had hundred percent happy ending denoting clear victory of good over evil and hero enjoying super natural power was considered normal now some different vague ending is also attempted.
The ambience glamorous,luxurious and wealthy presentation is yet preferred like earlier one ,certainly cinema is a medium to relieve stress and provide enjoyment ,but at same time it’s importance in social awakening and a forum providing different perspective of ailments prevalent in society ,it may be that ideally IT IS REALITY OR IT IS FICTION.
Now how it could be explained that hindi cinema is dominated by old age heros considering the youthful definition of cinema in general,i t could be attributed to many factors -their dominance over producers and financiers thereby young faces are directly or indirectly denied entry and to establish their footprints.
Such old heros had established status of cult thereby their have die hard  fans and enjoys high market value.
Further the division and diversity facing the countries demographic,development ,change ,western influence in daily life and also level of modernisation with liberal lifestyle etc  also could throw light on this phenomenon but here also lies some weird rationale that indian society even today more then 70%reside in village and primarily engaged in agriculture,and  level  and quality of education is extremely poor thereby as if they are residing in culture ,state which was there from their forefathers age.but what  rationale or justification it could provide for old age hero as if entry to young hero restricted to urban,educated high gentry ,westernised which is not deeply relished by masses of country and these old age heros are found relevant,attractive , entertaining which reflect static culture ,which they share deeply with their forefathers.
And the few young fresh faces debuting in hindi cinema were not relished by masses ,as if they do not represent masses and belong to different culture therefore as if they could establish their presence only in niche area.
A mature state of a society could be judged by its present film industry ideally the cinema should depict reality or pure fantasy ,but as if society not ready for changed outlook and deeply lives in ethos prevalent since old age ,where human life stretches in old status quo.

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