Expansion /Contraction of consciousness. Part 4

In this universe as if the opposite also hold relevance,when answer to question perceived straight is hardly emerging and things turn hell then lure of opposite becomes more appealing,further a general tendency among human is to visualize and grant existence to demons,as if without them angels can’t exists.,and hardly in human history at any time a universal leader etc was there ,who enjoys approval of all in even a particular part of world.
Doubt and/or combined with jealousy etc always caused opposites to mushroom,and a better version to many appealed that questions are irrelevant and to live in controlled defined way could be better option.
That expansion of consciousness/wisdom to exists in world of free play is difficult to many ,Some who are able to expand their consciousness in a perfect way to generate that illusion in ones surrounding to extract/encash  and give /generate a glance of expanded consciousness for other folk .
Therefore for protecting self ,some start the journey of contracting consciousness,so that limited excursion in domain of consciousness would provide lesser chance/field of accidents and lesser prone to all sort of injuries internal or physical or more at deeper level of psyche.
The reduced existence ,where lesser thinking or craving and lesser expectations and pursuit of illusive dominance/comfort;existence result in reducing the vulnerabilities of self and cause more static state of existence.
The delusion of expansion in human has created boundaries of their courtyard for free roaming and generated mass fear in mind of denizens/subjects/protégés and /disciple or servants serving their master of expansion of consciousness horizontally and vertically.
Human history could vouch well that all phases in which expansion of consciousness boomed were backed by or followed by perpetuating followers by all means to stabilize it in humanity and territories.

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