One has to retire ,that is much certainty for ordinary folk much like other happenings in life I.e death,birth etc
One few super rich,owner of business empire etc can go on pulling their career without age or other restrictions.
Retirement is virtually hell,interaction and activity get reduced to bare nil and gloom all around prevail.
It certainly provide need to introspect and to visualize the real nature of life ,its impermanence and eventual renunciation of Earth.
A set routine for decade is gone,and those alleys become alien ,where one use to wander with full authority,the story is slightly different for all creatures,but what perturb the most is the feeling of venturing into lasting isolation and uselessness that takes away much sheen from life and impacts tends to deteriorate ones being.
Fights for survival is part of ones being ,but it becomes eye opening ,as general perception is that retirement retires ones from many perennial bothering of targets and all around competition and bickering,that perception usually tatters as one falls into ditch of retirement and all sleeping ghost suddenly becomes active .
While in current/ flow much gets relegated in background and even many realities gets hidden,but when nothing much for ones daily dose of flowing,then sitting idle begin  real analysis of life and screening of all attachments .
What’s way out ,that could again be in some sort of routine and targets ,albeit modest and more in sphere of hobbies and matters of real inner significance.
Retired life is sort of living a model life ,that what one cherish and mute all those elements of distraction ,one now sitting without a regular course of work,Responsibilities and authority could now afford,as devoid of regular course of work,responsibility and authority,one becomes much prone to get provoked and distracted on slight provocation and such regular state becomes intolerable thereby to reside in a domain in which one can peacefully exists.
When one is too busy with work and workplace politics etc ,then trouble on many fronts get ignored ,same is not post retirement,further consolidation of scattered resources and energy generate a newer sense of confidence,that could build a newer life.
Living in past can’t help and focusing to gain newer relevance and getting rid of attachments which has become cumbersome can free a retired one to cherish new reality and even make this phase more meaningful and enjoyable.

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