Mediation may be simply devotion.

Meditation is neither Eastern or western concept,it is ingrained in all traditions and ones being,basically being fairly devoted to ones life and it’s path is that all that could mean meditation,and sometimes when focus is lost then it has to be regained .
Devotion leads to evaporation of fear,which is one of the primary cause of disturbed state,faith in ones beliefs is all that could be said to be meditation.
True faith should lead to fearless pursuit and devoid of confusion and over thinking.
Over thinking is symbol of weak state,imaginary fears etc which leads to lack of devotion to ones path.
Devotion nowadays as if is many times merely cursory and doubts  becomes much pervasive in ones daily chores,and in chaotic societies it becomes largely individual pursuit ,where access to purity is restricted to few ,on other hand lesser availability of options and means automatically result in lesser needs and demand ,which reduce sometimes necessity to over think.
Devotion leads to focus to its object and cause ,which generate satisfaction and eliminate undue questions that distorts ones state of being resulting in meditative state.
Devotion to ones belief,faith and not questioning the unquestionable could get all that perfect state,one sees the larger picture and distractions real or imaginary of not much value are given up to attain that state of perfection which is available to all without any brand and cost .
Nowadays as if mediation has been branded in different form and as if obtained copy right of it,which they could solely provide by charging their perceived monetary or other cost and means,as if guaranteed attainment of that ideal state is exclusive in their domain.
All shows enthrall human being if the cast,its presentation and show is well organised to create hypnotic impact,entertainment certainly provide mind that much needed remedy to discharge garbage from mind that accumulate in usual course.

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