Conservatives and Liberals.

Usually in a responsive political set-up ,there are two major camps vying for the crown of thrones to serve the people and pull them along with nation out of that impending chaos.
The camps are given identity based upon suitable tag suiting them,but to a large extent,these mainstream camps have much in common,the basic difference in the approach to tackle challenges.
Basically the real troubling term could be Ultra-conservative and somewhat resembling a too diagonally opposite to it,and that is altogether different scene and context.
The real or created difference is in weighing issues and it’s likely impact and accordingly more stern measures on some front but after result of poll over with passage of that hyper campaign and with easing that mesmerizing wrap thing tend to settle to old new set up.
Further the individual ego plays a big role in attracting labels,one who has pursued a path with his standard high ethic but even after with huge cost the desired result appear far ,but it appears too trouble some now to accept it or without accepting taking a U-turn,hence cherish that liberal tag.
What has been going on for long as a product of world order originated after major war,thereby world was divided in many camps and a ethical non-aligned camp was also created by some developing world finding unable to take open sides and extract their reward,but such world order may now be redundant as newer poles has emerged in new world order,some having economic muscle and some having nuisance muscle.And to change that biases and cold preserved for long could not now be reversed by liberals who are conservative in their political stances.
As if conservatives want to conserveĀ  the identity and that supremacy which rightfully belongs to them with more concentration on nation building task to the exclusion in involving in other part of world thereby leaving that big daddy role but the liberals also have in their conscious the plight of ordinary other denizens of world,thats all prevalent upon ones standards and vision of impact,as sometimes some have left their liberal views to shine themselves and the direction that history may take is not their concern.

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