Truth may be illusion.

What is true is many times a subjective,what appears to one as true is not so for other,the different opinion perception about same issue ranges widely and therefore to tag something as truth is not fair.
Truth to prevail,but the fundamental question is what is true,the bigger nations are allowed to have destructive weapons but banned for some,what sort of truth is prevailing.
Differences in beliefs,the human society,nature is too diverse and almost touches two extreme dimensions,what is most sacred to one is most despicable to other,therefore saying that ultimately truth will prevail appear somewhat hypothetical and practising hypocrisy .As if it is sort of ellusive smugness basically pursuing illusion and as blocking any cohesive forward looking measures, meaning  that status quo is accepted norm as all are wearing their truth and all waiting for their truth to attain fruitions.
The fact that that nothing is hardly stable,every moment time is passing therefore relativeness  is foregone conclusion,what was appearing true at this moment not appearing so another moment.
Earlier it was accepted conclusion that the Earth is center to the universe but now science has proved that Earth may be much marginal being in this limitless universe,therefore supporting the notion that Earth may yet be at very initial stages of evolution and much evolved structures may be there in his universe,hence truth being far from domain of human being.
As if one has run out of option so leaving it in the name of truth to prevail,there is hardly any abstract/absolute truth and there are merely pug marks of time which at best could be termed as facts of that moment in relation to ,in comparison to this and that.

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