Anchor of faith.

Life remains volatile , swinging violently  from one extreme to other and even the nights meant  for being switch-off from real/virtual world to recharge gets absolutely unable to provide an iota of comfort.the body may be  lying on bed. yet self,mind continuously generating and drowned in that cobweb of chaos and discomfort that when the  Sun leaving its morning to venture onward cause enough  necessity to get up for accumulating more hell of rubbish to existing heaps of rubbish generating its active waves to never let know what the stability could be and to freely ever venture to understand the being and beings.
The chaos,the fear pervade so deep that nothing works and as if regularly the regular ongoing process of drowning deeper and deeper into hell gets no break,where will this process lead to or when this whole consciousness will evaporate into outer universe leaving this structure and depriving the caged structure free from that continuous deepening nagging drowning in mirth.
Faith that one anchor that have potential to provide a shield by checking vibes which becomes beyond ones capacity of tolerating and understanding and tend to provide a belonging to whom belonging initially may not be easy but ones started to belong can only give belonging,not seen,not to be comprehended by senses yet logically existing as without creator nothing could be created,that anchor of faith may stop that perennially drowning in mirth of desperation.
Absolute devotion to him requires a shape and form of that anchor of faith to whom all devotion in absolute form can be assigned and with his replica one can share ones being with his being,
Logics unable to explain all,further comfort might have been added with newer developments but the mad race all around,ones self wandering in wilderness  of absolute  persecution ,man competing with as if everything visible or non visible and burning with perceived everything anywhere /everywhere  and every time always make that appeal alluring to give up all for his cause to align with him in prevalent ways that are beyond questions and are sure to provide that calmness that is too ellusive,yet that’s not that easy as to pervade complete faith and block all diversion is as if to be achieved to realise that other reality.
Certainly all ways to realise that supreme faith are valid and divine,and adhering to them in true spirits could only be wAy out for humanity.

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