Had a great fall.

Sometimes things becomes too onerous ,and come to such a pass that from there it appears that nothing could deter fall.
So complacent or so aloof to reality or lacking /losing ability to communicate ,to include and tendency just become to skid issues from surface through manipulative avoiding skills and only seriousness remains in avoiding touching anything in outer or remote reality.
Things/issues has great commonalities ,common origin and same ecosystem that survives them/nurture them,but as if these all links are broken and imaginary walls becomes so strong that any hope of mending/reconciling becomes untenable.
Despite apparently appearing cheerful but inherent resistance to allowing other side into play or the theme that basic turf need to maintain strong so destabilizing forces can’t have damaging impact,but as if agreement entered with these forces that there face may be just skidded in aberration to deflect deeper malice and any attempt to tackle it ,as if whole such exercise may have long gestation period of mud slinging  and cleansing may pollute environment before setting in any direction.
The will to carry along in heart as if does not exists and just blow hot and cold to keep a void balance so that imbalance does not appear visible .
The moment of actual worth is watching from remote ,finding it not feasible to avoid that deliberating lull of collapse ,when things may turn so separated that all the efforts and resources of mighty ones may become insufficient to put them back again in existence,as if now destined to lie in ellusive warehouses of debris mingled in such evocative desperation that became unworkable again.
Falls are certainly part of further upswings but when fall is so full of effortlessness and in cohesiveness and as if just happening/moving of happening in wilderness of desperation ,to propagating and cherishing those senses and feelings which are no more relevant and are not even having any worthwhile sides.
The changes run deep in current which when a sharp turn is in horizon as if can’t be avoided to avoid that that crescendo becoming a reality that was out of questions and all earlier dispensation losing all relevance.
When the ability becomes totally confined to go deeper then surface and merely watching mystery to unfold,something mysterious that may again set direction in either side of great slope etc.

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