Exponential growth in human intelligence.

It is surprising apparent in many quarters,a bit positive .But mainly may not be solely due to the positive impact of better educational,living standards and growth but could be counter effect of over supply of multiple sort of informations.
The survival at individual level is becoming more complex,as one is at the firing range of host of brands,ideology,fact and counter  facts,multiple opinion and above all a new polished brand of helper,service provider of all sort for others have mushroomed.
The internet,social media ,big data,artificial intelligence etc etc Now use to place multiple choices,options and above all such buzzard sort of claims that certainly  appears much of newer origin,earlier the issues which were considered quite complex with no easy solution but now as if quick fix  solutions to any issue being claimed by host .
Expressing one in so newer ways and angle has led to newer/varied earlier unknown form of emotions ,that as if matters are incarnating from all sides.
Every dark picture also st distance had some brighter anvil and that is making human more intelligent,more self dependent,more cautious,more analytic in viewing different claims and counter claims.
The average understanding and ability to sift the delivery of informations at ordinary individual level is increasing the intelligence level of average being and that is certainly causing concern to well established opinion shaper and influencers,and their ability to self serve them  by perpetuating status quo  is now to some extent turning redundant.Now average people are able to see more critical issues in a matter to support it which otherwise on all counts may not be ethical and worthwhile.
Average being are more able to understand impact of export/import of knowledge and visualising the differences and inequalities that prevails at different part of world and the domination and prerogatives of  that  evaporate ing sense /reality of exclusive exclusivity for uninterrupted going could fast sink.
As now technology and knowledge available much easier therefore the premium earlier commanded by global brands may somewhat vanish and local/regional brand of same efficiency and more competitive may gain market share and as well common folk as if better understanding that upheavals in different part of world would surface at all safest sanctuaries as to understanding the importance of a distant world order where common minimum understanding in there in globe and past long prejudices may not be relevant.
The inherent tendencies of influencers to influence in line with long deep prevalent biases alone not now able to shape opinion as average being as if better understand that it may not be worthy to harp on that old world order rather it appears more prudent to leave ego and bury those hatched and unite to conserve resources and to gain efficiency in tackling more critical issues that have potential to derail whole human civilization.

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