Expansion of consciousness [ Part-2 ]

Humans like all other living beings have many existential needs ,natural proclivity and confined in a structure that has its own set of limitations coupled with cycle of time.
And co-incidence rules the crux,it is mere co-incidence for living being having particular family,attached environment etc.
All natural being are basically too occupied in multiple ways and more so remained confined to task of ensuring survival into vast natural trap within which have licence/leeway to operate.
Human unlike other living being evaluate,ponder existence delving into what could be termed natural instinct/proclivity and endeavor to enlarge consciousness to make present life meaningful/blissful and to satiate the curiosity about transient nature of existence. 
Various forms and means for enlarging consciousness have been prevalent Like Shamanism and its varied forms in which a unseen world of gods ,demons,ancestors ,other responsive spirits are invoked by following particular rituals and further a proper medium facilitates .That gaining connection to that other world of mystery and gaining /taking charge of present life perfectly with joy without feeling of any sort of bondage.
to memories the memories in perfect frame from which no other meaning and its pursuant complications emerges,thereby memories perennially remains in its most vivid form fueling ever lasting bliss and to feel liberated and as if wandering on the fringe ,on the outskirt of life solitary and sensual as if one is outsider to own self and society.
To be drawn by ones vision and to determine what to enter into mind as one has thought it transcendentally and gained deepest passion and capacity to escape many essential things for other for many days,
Conducting business of daily life with care and often with passion but regarding them all as game ,but outcomes and daily moves does not stir heart despite learning the rules well.
That deriving a happy knack full of calmness and equanimity with mastering art of listening forming desired impressions and gaining secret by which success comes by itself and realizing/understanding the fact that there is something/particular thing that separates one from another.

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